PAS 2035 for Social Landlords

PAS 2035 is the overarching document in a framework of new standards. It embraces a ‘whole house approach’ to retrofit which considers the fabric of the home, environment, occupancy and householder improvement objectives when determining the most suitable measures to install. But what does this new retrofit standard mean for Social Landlords?

Before PAS 2035...

Social Landlords previously involved with domestic retrofit projects through fuel-saving programmes such as ECO and affordable warmth, would have followed a simple process, which began with a property assessment and ended abruptly with installation of energy efficiency measures.

However, the government’s Each Home Counts review determined that there was an unacceptable level of failure in domestic retrofit. Some installations based purely on assessment recommendations were failing to deliver the desired reductions in fuel use, fuel cost, and CO2 emissions. In fact, some installations were found to have unintentionally damaged the overall building performance.

Why PAS 2035?

Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 2035 was introduced to address the issue of poor quality retrofit by eliminating problems associated with defects, shallow retrofit, accountability, and the performance gap.

The introduction of TrustMark approved retrofit professionals (in particular the Retrofit Coordinator), who are required for compliance with PAS 2035, ensures that the retrofit process is more robust for medium and large scale fuel-saving programmes, by adding in risk management and quality assurance processes which were previously absent.



Changes have now been introduced to ECO3 which means that all ECO measures will need to be completed or overseen by TrustMark approved businesses/individuals.

Social landlords, Installers and delivery partners who adopt the new PAS standards during the ECO3 transition period (From 01/01/2020 to 31/06/21) will be awarded with a 20% score increase for all their energy efficiency measures.

Once the transition period ends all publically funded retrofit projects must be completed in accordance with PAS 2035.


How can Social Landlords get involved?

Social Landlords should adopt PAS 2035 early to improve the quality of energy efficiency improvements within their existing housing stock. Social Landlords can comply with the new PAS standards and TrustMark quality scheme, by either developing PAS 2035 competencies in house (undertaking training and possessing the necessary qualifications and memberships) or by working closely with retrofit professionals.


Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Coordinators

Social Landlords are encouraged to support members of staff to become either a qualified Retrofit Assessor or Coordinator so they can have greater control over the PAS 2035 retrofit process and take the lead on retrofit projects.

The Retrofit Assessor can undertake retrofit assessments in properties to kick start the PAS 2035 process; the information that they gather as part of the retrofit assessment is important for understanding the potential energy efficiency requirements.

The Retrofit Coordinator role will be required for all future publicly funded retrofit projects, as they play a significant role in managing the retrofit process from start to finish, interacting with all stakeholders to manage risk and ensure successful project delivery. This role offers a unique opportunity for social landlords to have more oversight and control over the quality improvements that go into their properties.

Elmhurst can offer the relevant training for social landlords to become fully qualified as either a Retrofit Assessor or Retrofit Coordinator. You can find out more about how to get started as a retrofit professional by clicking below.

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