Options Evaluator

Options Evaluator

With Options Evaluator, Elmhurst approved Retrofit Coordinators can easily model improvement measures for risk path B and C retrofit projects.

This online solution (available in Access Elmhurst) will save Retrofit Coordinators hours when producing a complete Improvement Option Evaluation Report, with much of the manual process removed.

  • Streamline the process of modelling improvement measures
  • Remove the hassle of using additional RdSAP or SAP software
  • Effortlessly select measures and create scenarios
  • Model individual and grouped measures
  • Generate a complete Improvement Option Evaluation Report

Software Fee 

£5 + VAT*

*This charge will be applied after you have confirmed the selection of an assessment or imported an XML file.

The Improvement Option Evaluation Report

The report generated from Options Evaluator tabulates the capital cost, simple payback and carbon cost effectiveness of individual and grouped improvement measures, giving you everything you need for your retrofit plan.

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