Do you need to make an EPC ‘Not For Issue’?

Occasionally, a DEA may need to make an EPC ‘Not For Issue’ on the Landmark Central Register.  This can be for a variety of reasons, but broadly these fall into two categories:

1. Error identified by the assessor

Where the assessor has identified an error with the EPC, or additional evidence comes to light which requires the original certificate be replaced, the EPC should be corrected and re-lodged and Elmhurst notified via email at

It is essential that the e-mail includes all of the following information:

a)      Surveyor ID

b)      The RRN of the EPC to be made ‘Not For Issue’

c)      The RRN of the replacement EPC

d)      Brief explanation of why a replacement was necessary

2. Following a failed Quality Assurance (QA) audit

here QA audit feedback includes a requirement for a relodgement of the EPC, this should be completed within the mandatory timescale of ten working days. Once the replacement EPC has been lodged, details must be submitted to Elmhurst via the QA Hub only (i.e. not via e-mail) following the guidance below.


On the first screen, click on the sentence highlighted in red (as illustrated above), then click on the details of the EPC linked to the failed audit. On the next screen, scroll to the foot of the page and input the RRN of the replacement EPC to update the QA system.  The auditor will be automatically advised that you have completed the relodgement and Elmhurst’s Existing Dwellings Team will also be notified that the original EPC is to be made ‘Not For Issue’. Where the QA Hub has been used, it is not necessary for the assessor to send details of the relodgement via e-mail.

IMPORTANT - to avoid the risk of suspension, details of the replacement EPC must be entered into the QA Hub within 10 working days of receipt of the audit feedback.

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