MPs want all homes to be EPC band C

Yesterday (6th February), in the House of Commons, Sir David Amess (Conservative MP for Southend West) used a "ten minute rule motion" to propose that all domestic properties should be required to achieve a minimum of EPC Band C by 2030, for those occupiers in fuel poverty, and 2035 for all other domestic properties. 

This proposed strategy is smiliar to one outlined for Private Rental Sector / Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), but would apply to both privately owned properties too.

MPs backed the motion unanimously and it will have a second reading on March 16 2018. Elmhurst Energy's Managing Director, Martyn Reed, welcomed this news, but in the light of a similar statement in the clean Growth Strategy, is not all together surprised. Government appear to have woken up to the opportunity that energy efficiency can deliver and a number of recent consultation and policies have shown commitment to making change and, to our members delight, EPCs.

In order to achieve an acceptable level of energy efficiency, we need a 'carrot and stick' approach:

  • Carrots - Action is more likely if homeowners and landlords are incentivised to act, maybe by providing discounts on council tax and stamp duty to shorten the payback period
  • Sticks - Setting a requirement is only any use if its enforced and for that agents, landlords and owners who do not comply need to understand that there is a realistic chance of being prosecuted.

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Article Published: 7th February 2018

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