More proof than ever that the EPC is here to stay

As the UK’s largest independent accreditation scheme for energy efficiency professionals, we have been approached by a steady stream of members asking how Brexit will affect the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Until now we have resisted the temptation to comment, because, as you know, Brexit seems to be a shifting concept! But having scrutinised government legislation, as well as upcoming regulations and existing climate commitments, we are more confident than ever that the EPC has a firm place in the UK post-Brexit.

After its introduction in 2007 the EPC has proven itself a versatile measuring stick due to its grounding in a sound methodology; just last week we were celebrating the lodgement of the 20 millionth EPC, which is an incredible milestone for the industry.

Martyn Reed, Managing Director of Elmhurst, echoes this sentiment: “now that we have achieved the 20 million mark I am more than confident than ever that the government won’t make significant changes to a methodology that gives so much evidence of improvement over such a long period of time. The introduction of social legislation such as Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards demonstrates the continued ambition of the EPC to be at the heart of the government’s climate and social commitments, which shows its effectiveness as a well-rounded tool.”

The success of the EPC has led to it being woven into most areas of energy efficiency and fuel poverty legislation, and to extricate it at this point would not only be completely nonsensical but would threaten to bring the whole system crashing down. There is nothing to replace it.

It is down to the hard work and integrity of members that has meant that the both the government and the public continue to place their trust in EPCs and we are confident that this will continue. As always Elmhurst will continue to play an active role in shaping policy and advocating for our members in an industry that does so much good for so many.

Article published: 21st August 2019

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