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Elmhurst Energy Assessor Accreditation Scheme

To view Elmhurst Energy's Service Level Agreement (which details what we provide to our Members) click here.

Access Elmhurst

Access Elmhurst

As an Elmhurst member you can log into Access our online member's portal, Access Elmhurst has four main functions:

1. Processing assessment reports
2. Upload and storage of assessment evidence
3. View your own personal certification information and details which links into our Certification Management System
4. Scheme documents and software downloads

You can log into this area at any time by entering your Assessor ID number and password, click here to log on to Access Elmhurst.

Use of the Elmhurst Member Logo

As a Member, you are encouraged to download the Elmhurst Member logo from Access Elmhurst to identify that you are certified with our scheme. To download please visit the 'My Documents' section of Access Elmhurst.

Newsletters and Technical Bulletins

Elmhurst Members will be sent our industry publication, 'Energy Matters', which will keep you up to date on all the changes within our industry. The articles presented within this magazine are informative and relevant to all strands of energy assessment business. Current and back issues of 'Energy Matters' are located within Access Elmhurst and award 30 minutes of CPD.

Technical Bulletins are issued to our members on a regular basis to inform you of technical changes and updates being made which are relevant to your business. These changes are normally from new conventions issued by government. All Technical Bulletins are archived within our Members Area.


As a member of Elmhurst you will have access to our award winning Technical Support Teams by telephone 9am – 5pm.

The teams are on hand to answer your technical or software queries, or difficulties you are experiencing, with each team member being fully trained and experienced to handle any query you may have.

Our teams work within individual Business Units covering Existing Domestic, New Build Residential and Non-Domestic buildings. Each team has its own telephone number and E-mail address so you will always get through to the correct person to handle your query. contact details can be found here.


Elmhurst Energy Systems Ltd provides FREE Professional Indemnity (PI) and Public Liability (PL) Insurance to cover the activities of Elmhurst accredited members in the production of Certificates/reports/surveys etc.

For more information visit our Insurance with Elmhurst page or alternatively take a look at the overview of insurance available in Access Elmhurst.

Search for an Elmhurst Certified Assessor

We provide a 'Find an Assessor' function on our website which allows potential customers find you. Elmhurst regularly promotes this function to property agents around the UK to help our member's secure additional work. Further information is available here.

Business Opportunities

If you are looking to recruit energy assessors for your business or looking for a position within a firm then we have a business opportunities page within our website which lists firms with opportunities for Elmhurst Members or for you to advertise your vacancies. This is available to all Elmhurst customers, visit the Business Opportunities section for further information.

Demonstrating your Membership

As an Elmhurst Member you will be issued with a membership certificate to demonstrate your status, If you have misplaced your certificate please call our Accreditation Department on: 01455 883 250 or e-mail so that we can arrange to send you a new copy.

Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) Only:

As an Elmhurst Member you will be issued with a membership certificate to demonstrate your status. If you have misplaced your ID Card please fill in the 'Replacement ID Card' form and send it back to us via post.
Replacement ID Card Application Form


Elmhurst Energy is a leading software provider for the energy rating industry. Our range of software includes:

  • RdSAP Software
  • Design SAP 2012 Software
  • Streamline-EPC Software


As an Elmhurst accredited Domestic Energy Assessor you get full access to our free RdSAP software for use in existing domestic buildings. Elmhurst's RdSAP software is derived from the government's national calculation methodology for the energy efficiency assessment of existing dwellings. All residential existing dwellings in the UK require an EPC before marketed sale or let. For more information please click here.

Design SAP 2012

Elmhurst's SAP 2012 software SAP Software is popular throughout the industry with House Builders and Building Control Bodies. The software produces calculations that meet the required standards in order to achieve compliance with the new Building Regulations. For further information about the Design SAP 2012 software click here. If you would like to download a demo click here.


Streamline EPC is an online energy modelling system that incorporates the latest RdSAP methodology. Streamline-EPC will not only allow you to produce and lodge EPCs, but also retain that data to update your stock reporting functionality into one convenient on-line system. Click here for further information.

For information about costs associated with software and lodgements click here to view our Pricing Policy.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

What is Elmhurst CPD Policy?

As an accredited energy assessor, it is a government requirement to carry out a specified number of hours of CPD each year in order to maintain your accredited status.

There are several different ways of you obtaining CPD throughout the year, a number of which are free of charge. Elmhurst provides its members with many wide and varied ways of obtaining their CPD and will also accept CPD that you may wish to carry out with other training providers. In addition to this we will accept structured reading as CPD, but this should be accompanied by a synopsis of learning which lists the topics covered, what you have learned from your study and the number of hours claimed.

More information about Elmhurst's CPD can be located by clicking here.


What is Auditing

Auditing is a mandatory requirement of all accreditation schemes and helps to ensure that Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are produced to an accurate and consistent standard throughout the industry. As a member of Elmhurst we will undertake all of your audits in a fair and timely manner and provide you with written feedback with each EPC audited. The full auditing requirements are located below:

England Wales and NI:
DEA – Audit Requirements and Minimum Evidence
NDEA - Audit Requirements and Minimum Evidence
DEC - Audit Requirements and Minimum Evidence
OCDEA - Audit Requirements and Minimum Evidence

DEA - Minimum Evidence Requirements
NDEA - Minimum Evidence Requirements
OCDEA - Minimum Evidence Requirements

Complaints and Appeals Procedures

How do I make a complaint?

Elmhurst aims to provide high quality services to all energy assessors and their customers. Where complaints arise they will be dealt with promptly and professionally. Our approach is to understand the root cause of complaints and develop our services using an ethos of continuous improvement.

Elmhurst Energy will deal with complaints directly from Members, other Energy Assessors, or members of the public. Full details of our complaints procedure can be located here.

To view the Elmhurst Energy's Service Level Agreement which details what we provide our certified Members, click here.

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