The Elmhurst Energy Report 

Elmhurst members can generate professional Energy Reports through Elmhurst's RdSAP products and Streamline.

Why produce an Elmhurst Energy Report?

The Elmhurst Energy Report, previously known as the Energy Performance Report (EPR), is useful for members who are required to model a dwelling's energy performance for situations where an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is either not appropriate or not required, such as modelling the current and potential energy rating of a home as well as the impact of potential recommended measures.

Energy Reports for Housing Associations

Housing Associations can use the recommendations and data collected from the Energy Report within their asset management system, where an EPC is either not required or not appropriate. Housing Associations can use these reports to determine their average energy rating across their housing stock and prepare a schedule of work and repair.

Energy Reports for Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

Where a landlord is proposing to improve a private rented property so to meet the MEES requirement, an Energy Report can be used to identify the best  way to proceed from a variety of options.

What information does this report provide?

The information provided within the Energy Report is presented in a format which is both concise and easy for clients to understand. It is important to note that an Energy Report is not an EPC and should not be used in its place, as it does not satisfy the legal requirements. The following information is provided within this report: 

Energy Report Information

Energy Rating


Estimated energy costs of the dwelling

Estimated CO2 emissions of the dwelling

About this document

Data inputs (optional)

Elmhurst Energy Report Fee

The cost to produce this report is the same as your EPC lodgement fee, however, there is no charge for a central register fee.

You can take a look at an example Energy Report below.


This report can be generated from RdSAP Online, RdSAP Go and Streamline Housing Energy Modelling software

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