Design SAP 10 Beta 

Get a head start with Elmhurst's Design SAP 10 Beta - one of the only SAP 10 software tools in the industry.

Following the release of the SAP 10 methodology, Elmhurst has released Design SAP 10 Beta in anticipation of the expected updates to the Building Regulations in 2020. Elmhurst are one of the only schemes to release this software, which allows assessors to stay ahead of the game and preview the upcoming changes. 

Design SAP 10 Beta is especially useful for those working with large building firms, who have large housing stocks to consider, as well as all those involved in the compliance process. 

Some areas which have undergone changes include:

  • Summer Overheating
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Fans, fireplaces and flues
  • Water Heating   
  • Photovoltaic Panels
  • Lighting

Design SAP 10 Beta allows you to: 

  • Familiarise yourself with the new input requirements. 
  • Preview how the new methodology will impact previous assessments. 
  • Provide guidance to your clients about new information that will be required when SAP 10 is introduced into building regulations.  

Access your copy of Design SAP 10 Beta: 

I have a Design SAP licence with Elmhurst

Design SAP 10 Beta is available to all current Design SAP licence holders free of charge. You can log into Design SAP 10 Beta using your existing Elmhurst ID and password. If you have not received your download link please email our support team at

I do not have a Design SAP licence with Elmhurst 

Design SAP 10 Beta is available FREE OF CHARGE to those with a Design SAP licence. 

If you do not have a Design SAP licence - don't worry! You can purchase a licence for the fantastic price of just £195 plus VAT. Follow the link below and a member of the team will be in touch. 


An indispensable tool for the whole industry 

For Assessors - Familiarise yourself with the new methodology 

Design SAP 10 Beta allows you to become familiar with the new data inputs and requirements for assessments using the SAP 10 methodology. You can import an existing assessment from Design SAP 2012 into Design SAP 10 Beta to view the impact on the assessment process, including additional data fields and measurements.  

Design SAP 10 Beta will be updated further when the proposed changes to building regulations are consulted on, where it is expected an indication of the compliance standards for new dwellings within the next update to Part L1A will be published. 

House Builders - Get an exclusive look at the compliance process 

The release of the SAP 10 methodology and expected update to Building Regulations will impact the assessment and compliance process for new build properties. Those with access to Design SAP 10 Beta will be able to advise you on the new requirements and inputs for new build properties from 2020 onwards, which is indispensable for those with large costings to consider. 

Additional product notes:

Please note: Design SAP 2012 should continue to be used for production of building regulations compliance reports, PEAs and EPCs in England, Wales and Scotland. Design SAP 2009 should continue to be used in Northern Ireland. Due to this being a Beta version of SAP software it is not approved by the BRE and any results obtained cannot be validated, are subject to change, and cannot be used for an indication of compliance for the next version of any building regulations. Elmhurst as usual will develop an approved SAP 10 software product based on the full SAP 10 and Building Regulation information when these are made available from Government. 

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"Design SAP 10 Beta will allow the industry to get an advanced look at the new data that will be required to complete assessments when SAP 10 is introduced into building regulations. This will ensure you are fully prepared to tackle the next change to building regulations well in advance of their implementation expected in 2020."

Jason Hewins - On Construction Team Leader

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