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Non-Domestic EPC Conventions In A Nutshell


The latest version of the Non-Domestic Conventions for England & Wales Issue 9 will go live on 1st July 2024. To enable Accreditation Schemes, Energy Assessors, and training providers to manage the implementation process, these new conventions must be applied from this date.

But what are the conventions and why are they important for accreditation schemes, energy assessors and consumers?

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What Are Conventions?

All Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are governed by series of overarching guidelines. These guidelines span over several documents and provide clarification and guidance on a number of factors and issues surrounding EPCs.

For Non-Domestic Energy Assessors, the main document to reference when creating EPCs is the Non-Domestic Conventions document. It is important that assessors are well versed with the Conventions, to ensure that EPCs are produced accurately.

Why Are the Conventions Important?

The conventions are part of the on-going work to standardise the assessment process and ensure a uniformed approach. The conventions assist Accreditation Schemes and Non-Domestic Energy Assessors (NDEAs), as well as provide assurance to consumers that a consistent approach is being taken when energy assessments are carried out.

Where Can I Find The Latest Copy of the Conventions?

The latest version of the Non-Domestic conventions document can be found on the following link: https://www.uk-ncm.org.uk/page.jsp?id=36

All members of the Elmhurst Non-Domestic Assessment Scheme can access a summary of the latest convention changes in our Technical Bulletin, available via Access Elmhurst: https://members.elmhurstenergy.co.uk/DownloadDocumentHandler.ashx?id=978 

Who Should I Contact If I Have Questions About The Conventions?

If you have any questions regarding the conventions, please direct these to an Energy Assessor in the first instance.

If required, the Energy Assessor can feed this back to their Accreditation Scheme so the issue raised, where appropriate, can be discussed at a future meeting of the Conventions Group.

Non Domestic EPC Conventions

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