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Improving Boiler Standards and Efficiency


The government has released a consultation on improving boiler standards and efficiency. Issued on 7th February 2023, the consultation seeks views in response to proposals on domestic gas boiler efficiency, hydrogen-ready boilers, and hybrid heating systems. The consultation closes at 11.45 pm on 21st March 2023.

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This consultation forms part of the government’s Heat and Buildings Strategy and aims to phase out the installation of natural gas boilers by 2035, with a focus on low-carbon heating systems. The consultation targets natural gas boilers with a capacity of 45kW or less, improvements to in-home boiler performance, “hydrogen-ready” new boilers, and exploring the potential of hybrid heating systems.

The government welcomes feedback on these proposals and is considering expanding the scope to boilers with a capacity of up to 70kW. These proposals are particularly relevant to existing homes connected to the gas grid, with the aim of reducing emissions and energy consumption. New-build homes will be subject to the Future Homes Standard, which requires the use of low-carbon heating technology. The government’s consultation seeks to encourage the development of more efficient, environmentally friendly heating systems that will benefit both homeowners and the planet.

Increasing Boiler Efficiency and Reducing Bills

The consultation proposes a number of new requirements that reflect recent technological developments and will help to ensure consumers are getting the greatest potential out of the condensing boilers in their homes. The proposals include:

  • Reform boiler controls standards.
  • Tackle boiler oversizing, particularly in combination boilers.
  • Bring system and regular boilers within the scope of expanded requirements.
  • Improve the minimum standards for hot water tanks.
  • Develop installer skills and seek ways to improve heating system design, commissioning, and maintenance.
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A Transition to Hydrogen Heating

The UK government is proposing to make all new domestic-scale gas boilers sold from 2026 onwards “hydrogen-ready”, meaning that they can be easily converted in the future to run on hydrogen. However, this proposal is based on the assumption that these boilers can meet regulatory standards, reach price parity with existing gas boilers, and have a single market-wide definition.

The government maintains that having hydrogen-ready boilers will help to reduce costs associated with scrapping natural gas-only boilers and prepare the industry for a potential hydrogen transition. However, it is not guaranteed that any hydrogen-ready boilers will be converted in the future.

The government is working on developing the evidence necessary to make strategic decisions on the role of hydrogen in heating buildings while also increasing the production of low-carbon hydrogen through various initiatives.

More Information

The consultation closes at 11.45 pm on 21st March 2023.

You can read the full consultation on the following link: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1134917/Improving_boiler_standards_and_efficiency_consultation.pdf

You can respond to the consultation at the following link: https://beisgovuk.citizenspace.com/heat/improving-boiler-standards-and-efficiency/