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Spooky Halloween Tales!


Sometimes the job of an energy assessor can lead to some strange encounters! Here are some of our favourite spooky stories from assessors!

Furious Furnishings

I’m sure we’ve all seen some interesting design choices when visiting houses, but this one seems to be a very permanent Halloween decoration! We wouldn’t want to find this lit on a dark night!

The ex and the loft 

A few years ago I did an EPC, all went smoothly until I had to check the loft.

I opened the loft hatch and there was no light up there so I shone my torch round and nearly fell off the ladder. Just behind the opened hatch was a full size mannequin, dressed in a full policeman’s uniform but with a ‘Scream’ mask on!

The homeowner was killing herself laughing at the bottom of the ladder. She had decided not to tell me ‘to see if I spotted it’!

Apparently her ex was a policeman and had left some stuff behind, and she thought ’it would be a shame to waste it’.

The Ghost of Tar-y House

I was visiting a very old, very empty and very remote house called Tarry House.
I put my work bag down on a bench, did my survey and when I got back to my bag it was covered in tar.
I’d gotten into my car to drive away when I thought I’d better check where the tar had come from in case something was leaking in the house.
Strangely bench, ceiling, walls floor were all clear. When the door slammed upstairs I though time to beat a hasty retreat.

Lurking in the loft

Attics can be creepy places at the best of times, full of creaking floor boards and spiders lurking in the corners, but when you find creepy dolls strewn about it can certainly up the fear factor!

If you’ve had any creepy or strange encounters of your own, let us know about them! We’d love to hear more scary stories!