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Scottish Government issues response to Domestic EPC Reform Consultation


In summer 2021, the Scottish government consulted on proposals to amend the domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). They set out several proposals, which were intended to enable EPCs to support planned regulations, as set out in the 2021 Heat in Buildings Strategy.

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These proposals were to introduce a new metric of energy efficiency, based on the amount of energy used by a dwelling, coined the “Energy Use Rating”. This new metric would sit alongside the current Energy Efficiency Rating, which is planned to be renamed to an Energy Cost Rating to reflect that it is based on running cost. They also proposed to retain and rename the Environmental Impact Rating as a Carbon Emissions Rating.

Current Metrics

  • Energy Efficiency Rating (£): Based on running cost (£ per m2)
  • Environmental Impact Rating: Based on emissions (kg CO2e per m2)

Proposed Metrics

  • Energy Cost Rating: Based on running cost (£ per m2)
  • Carbon Emissions Rating: Based on emissions (kg CO2e per m2)
  • Energy Use Rating: Based on delivered energy (kWh per m2)

Elmhurst broadly agreed with the proposals and strongly supported the introduction of the new metrics to report energy efficiency based on energy use. This has been a major part of our ongoing message echoed within our 2022 Almanac.

Scottish government will now be setting out an updated policy proposal within a further consultation on the proposed regulatory framework for heat and energy efficiency. This consultation is due to be published within the next year.

Josh Wakeling, Head of Operations at Elmhurst comments: “This is great news and again shows that Scotland are taking things into their own hands and making the impactful changes we have been pushing for now for many years. We look forward to see the further developments Scotland has on the table. This is a very positive position for Elmhurst DEAs and OCDEAs as it shows that the Scottish Government are committed to investing in the EPC and the future of energy efficiency”.