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Where do I start as a Retrofit Assessor or Coordinator?


If you’ve recently completed a Retrofit Assessor or Coordinator course and find yourself thinking ‘where do I start?’ don’t worry, you’re not alone!

This is something the Retrofit Support Team are frequently asked, and to be expected for a new line of work. It’s also something we’re looking to address as we feel both courses would benefit from a practical component to ensure everyone knows that an Assessor’s/ Coordinator’s role looks like in practice.

Now that Covid restrictions are beginning to ease, we are able to look at creating more such face-to-face training where this can be possible. But until then we’ve come up with the tips below!

Where to start as a Retrofit Assessor

  1. Review your training materials to remind yourself of the Retrofit process and data collection techniques. A quick refresh will help consolidate what you’ve learned – and give you a confidence boost!
  2. Read the two technical bulletins we have created on Condition Report and Retrofit Assessment walkthrough. Both of these technical bulletins have been created based on frequently asked questions to the support team and will guide you through the process from start to finish.
  3. Make sure you communicate with your Retrofit Coordinator and confirm what is required from you. Write down the questions you have for the Retrofit Coordinator:
    1. Which risk path is it?
    2. Do they need a full occupational assessment or will a minimum standard occupancy within Condition Report be sufficient?
    3. Do they need you to measure the windows?
    4. Do they want an EPC or will an Energy Report suffice?

Where to start as a Retrofit Coordinator

  • Look through the technical bulletin Retrofit Coordinating in Practice, which takes you through every stage of the retrofit process. This will provide you with a good knowledge of the fundamental requirements of your job, translating your theoretical knowledge into practical applications.
  • Look at the software together with the user manual. It sounds simple but getting to grips with a piece of software before using for a retrofit plan will help familiarize yourself with the data inputs.
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes – i.e. if you say something is Risk Path B you can change it later!


The best advice for those starting out is to call the Retrofit Support Team and have a chat. Retrofit Support Team Member Patricia Bing says: “we would much rather you go through the first number of assessments with us than guess. We’ll never say: that’s a stupid question, don’t bother me. We would rather you ask than doubt yourself, guess and fail an audit.”


Retrofit Support

Full Retrofit support is available for Elmhurst members who are part of Elmhurst’s scheme.

Access Retrofit Technical Support: 01455 249 829

If you are interested in joining one of Elmhurst’s Retrofit Schemes, complete the Retrofit Application form and we will be happy to discuss this further with you.