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Elmhurst supports Wales’ plan to improve the energy efficiency requirements for non-domestic buildings and overheating in new dwellings


The proposals will help deliver a prosperous Wales as they seek to make new and existing buildings more energy efficient. This directly delivers an innovative and low carbon society which recognises the limits of the global environment.

What are the proposals?

The consultation, titled: Building Regulations Part L and F Review: Stage 2B proposes to ensure new buildings are fit for the future, as well as an ambition for Wales’ built environment to have lower carbon emissions. The key proposals raised within the document include:

  • The Government’s preferred option takes us as far towards the Part L 2025 Standard as we believe is possible in 2022, with a 28% reduction in CO2 on average per building over the current Part L 2014 standard.
  • There are proposed changes to Part L & F in terms of simplifying the documents and guidance
  • Introduce a new Primary Energy Target
  • Continue the use of CO2 as a secondary target
  • Updating minimum standards of fabric and fixed building services
  • Developing SBEM and the national calculation methodology to better account for energy uses and to incentivise appropriate design solutions.
  • Introducing more challenging energy efficiency standards and improving compliance

How did Elmhurst respond?

You can read our full response here, however, the main points that we have raised can be found below:

  • We also advocate for a whole building approach to be used in pursuit of this uplift and to also utilise the National Calculation Methodology in providing a full energy assessment of a building.
  • Future proofing buildings is sensible but unintended consequences should always be considered
  • With the movement towards ongoing new technologies as a solution to the complex non-domestic building stock, we must ensure SBEM is able to account for them with regular reviews and updates.
  • All building regulations Part L2 checks (BRUKL reports) should be completed by accredited, qualified and competent Non-Domestic Energy Assessors

Elmhurst’s Non-Domestic Support Team Leader, Steve Windmill, comments: “It is good to see the Welsh Government recognising the urgency in adopting more stringent standards for new non-domestic buildings. This consultation provides welcome intent to improve energy efficiency of new buildings in Wales and follows a similar message to England’s Future Buildings Standards”.

Read the consultation

Read Elmhurst’s draft consultation response