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BEIS launches consultation: Maximising Non-Domestic Smart Meter Consumer Benefits


On 5th July 2021 the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) launched a new consultation: ‘Maximising Non-Domestic Smart Meter Consumer Benefits’. This consultation focuses on improving the data offer and enabling innovation in the sector for non-domestic buildings.

Smart meters are replacing traditional gas and electricity meters in homes, small business and schools across Great Britain as part of an important upgrade to the national energy infrastructure as well as underpinning the cost effective delivery of Government’s net zero commitment.

The rollout of smart meters to non-domestic sites within the mandate is estimated to lead to £1.5 billion of energy savings over the appraisal period, driven by consumers engaging with the energy consumption data recorded by their smart meter. At the end of March 2021, there were 24.2 million smart meters in homes and small businesses across Great Britain, of which 19.8 million were smart in smart mode or advanced meters, representing 44% overall smart coverage

This consultation sets out Government proposals to drive forward non-domestic smart metering data innovation and deliver benefits for consumers.

They have established three objectives:

  1. Ensuring a baseline level of ‘consistency’ in the non-domestic smart meter offer.
  2. Streamlining the smart meter data access process for a non-domestic consumer’s nominated third party.
  3. Creating a policy context that facilitates non-domestic smart metering innovation, including support for industry.


Elmhurst are currently drafting our consultation response and ask members to read the consultation and either provide your comments to us, or, even better, complete your own response. There is no one better placed to comment than the Elmhurst members who spend their careers analysing and improving the energy efficiency of non-domestic buildings.

The closure date for the consultation is 24th September 2021.

Read Maximising Non-Domestic Smart Meter Consumer Benefits consultation.