ALERT: Expired EPC

Elmhurst is delighted to announce that this Sunday the central EPC Registers for England & Wales and Northern Ireland are implementing an ‘Expired Report’ watermark to out of date EPCs, something that Elmhurst has been requesting for a number of years.

The welcome change should make it clear to professionals involved in the property business such as conveyancers, estate agents, letting agents, landlords etc that an EPC created over 10 years ago is no longer legally valid.

Whenever an out of date EPC is obtained from the register it will have the watermark indicated on each page (as shown below).

Stuart Fairlie Technical Director of Elmhurst Energy; “I am very pleased that a process is in place to ensure that legally invalid EPCs are clearly identified. Elmhurst has long campaigned that old EPCs are no longer particularly useful documents, as homes are very likely to have changed over time, the fuel prices and carbon emissions have certainly changed dramatically; and if potential home owners or tenants are using an old EPC then it is certainly misleading, and devalues the vital information that a current EPC contains. We advocate that EPCs should always be current and updated at all trigger points such as selling or renting, thus ensuring that they are current, correct and give correct information to consumers to make good choices. We at Elmhurst have suggested this in many recent Government consultations, if we are to get a step change in energy efficiency in this country; we must base it on good current ‘assessment data’ of homes.”

Article Published: 19th January 2018

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