Air Conditioning Inspection (ACI) Scheme

Elmhurst's Air Conditioning Inspection Scheme is open to trained and qualified Air Conditioning Inspectors. The scheme allows inspectors to lodge TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections, and provides opportunities for you to develop your career through quality training and CPD.

More often than not, if an occupied building is fitted with air conditioning then it is likely that an air conditioning inspection is required. 

These inspections must be completed by an accredited Air Conditioning Inspector, who can assess the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems and also provide professional advice on how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of existing systems. 

The improvement options reported by Air Conditioning Inspectors can also highlight many benefits for businesses, including cost savings, reduced carbon emissions, and improved air quality/temperature.

Become accredited as an Air Conditioning Inspector

 How to Join Elmhurst's Air Conditioning Accreditation scheme

 1. Recently qualified Air Conditioning Inspector or a member of another scheme


 2. Want to create a corporate account with Elmhurst, through which Elmhurst accredited inspectors can submit assessments on behalf of an organisation COMPLETE FORM >
 3. Not qualified as an Air Conditioning Inspector but would like to train as one


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Why become an Air Conditioning Inspector?

Expand your existing services

Individuals currently assessing Non Domestic buildings will find it easy to expand their existing services with the inclusion of air conditioning inspections. Unlike an Energy Performance Certificate, Building Owners and Managers require regular air conditioning inspections (no more than 5 years apart for air conditioning systems with 'an effective rated output of more than 12Kw') which means Air Conditioning Inspections can provide more frequent work for Energy Assessors.

Penalties pushing compliance

There are also penalties for businesses in England,Wales and Northern Ireland who do not have a valid Air Conditioning Inspection Report; the current fixed penalty for businesses who fail to secure a report is £300. Moreover if a building owner or manager wants to sell the building, not having a report may negatively impact any transactions with potential buyers.

Air Conditioning Inspections link to The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Although air conditioning inspections do not make a building ESOS compliant, the report produced by an Air Conditioning Inspector can help with ESOS reporting, as energy saving measures identified can be used by an ESOS lead assessor in their ESOS report.

Air con

What Elmhurst's Scheme can offer you?

Our commitment to delivering industry leading technical support, as well as quality training and CPD, sets our members apart from others in the industry. Our Energy Assessment Scheme offers:

  • A Competitive lodgement fee for TM44 Air Conditioning Reports
  • A Commitment to high quality training and CPD, with a Practical CPD day.....
  • An easy way to manage your Non Domestic EPC, DEC and/or Air Conditioning Report lodgements all in one place.
  • Online membership to 'Access Elmhurst', our portal for accredited assessors, with links to all the supporting documents a practising Air Conditioning Inspector will need.
  • Regular newsletters
  • Frequent technical bulletins
  • Communication updates on 'industry latest'
  • ID Card
  • Certified Certificate
  • Dedicated technical support assistance from our Non Domestic Team via phone or email
Lodgement fees

Air Con Software

Air Con Software v2 is Elmhurst’s government-approved TM44 air conditioning certificate and report software, which is designed to help you achieve optimum workflow. To find out more about our Air Con software, click the link below.

FIND OUT MORE > Elmhurst have partnered with Industry leading TM44 software provider, Ace Wizard, for Air Conditioning lodgements. Click below to find out more.


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If you need help get in touch!

Fill out our short contact form below if you would like to find out more about the information displayed on this page

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