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Elmhurst Energy are specialists in energy assessment and are in it for the long game, ensuring a sustainable business for itself and its members. We are proud of our history and the work we did to develop RdSAP and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). We are also proud that Energy Performance Certificates have been used as the basis for all government's major energy efficiency initiatives over the last ten years. We believe that for others to retain confidence with what our industry does we need to monitor the use to which EPCs are being made, identify potential areas of misuse and through training, technical support and quality assurance processes set and implement standards that meet the needs of users.

With tens of thousands of EPCs being issued each month the system has to be sophisticated. Through a blend of random and selected audits Elmhurst Energy select a proportion of each member's work which is analysed, compared with site notes and information from other sources to determine whether the EPC is robust. Fortunately the vast majority of EPCS meet the industry standards set by Government, but when issues are identified then members are  contacted  and an explanation requested. If it is lack of understanding, or perhaps a simple mistake, then we will agree with the member actions that will prevent re-occurrence. Elmhurst will always work with a member and give them every opportunity to improve their practices so that they can continue to be an Elmhurst member and lodge EPCs. Regrettably if we cannot regain confidence in the members ability to undertake accurate energy assessments, and as a last resort, Elmhurst will revoke membership which prevents the member from being an Elmhurst member, or the member of any other government approved scheme.

Even then, members are advised of their right to an Appeal, which allows the option of presenting their case, in person or in writing, to an independent panel. The panel itself comprises individuals, each of which is drawn from a different stakeholder group, consumers, property surveying, industrial engineering and energy assessment; Elmhurst staff are not represented. The decision of the Appeals Panel is binding on all parties

Elmhurst Energy is proud of the reputation we have for technical standards, support and fairness and we will always work with like-minded energy assessors to ensure that EPCs are accurate for the end-user and help promote a level playing field for our hardworking members.

Success Stories

"As usual Elizabeth's presentations are of extremely high quality, she explains concisely and also clearly. All questions are answered, and she has time to ensure that everyone understands the material."

- H. Stevens, Overcoming QA Issues


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