Non-Domestic Energy Assessor Training 

Commercial Buildings in the UK require Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) before being sold or let. As an Elmhurst trained Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) you will be well equipped to undertake energy calculations on these commercial buildings, using approved Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM).

Please Note: Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19, Elmhurst is currently unable to deliver this face to face training. An online version of the Non-Domestic APEL course is however, available to purchase via our training calendar. 


Established in 1993 and operating across the UK, Elmhurst Energy are recognised for driving standards of excellence in energy assessment. This starts with the high quality training and CPD that we provide.

A commercial/non-domestic building is typically more complex then your average run of the mill residential property, however Elmhurst's professional Non-Domestic Training focuses on making the complex, simple, though clarity of communication and support from our expert trainers. 

Elmhurst's Non-Domestic Energy Assessor Training covers everything from processing data into SBEM software to understanding of Building Regulations/Standards and Building Services. We also provide a number of training options depending on the level of service you wish to provide and your previous industry experience.

Training Options

Elmhurst’s NDEA training options include the Level 3 and Level 4 qualification. The level 3 qualification allows assessors to complete EPCs on all existing commercial buildings with frequently occurring characteristics- this covers a large proportion of the non-domestic market.

The level 4 NDEA qualification allow assessors to produce EPCs on existing commercial buildings without frequently occurring characteristics, including commercial on construction EPCs.


NDEA Level 3 and Level 4

We offer a 5 day course for ‘new entrants’ to qualify as an NDEA level 4. This includes level 3 buildings. The City & Guilds Level 4 Diploma in Non Domestic Energy Assessment (QCF) course includes:

  • Professional skills required to be a NDEA including: Legislation, Health and Safety. Policies and Procedures, Contracts and Risk Assessments.
  • Methods of Construction for Basic Buildings
  • Data entry into SBEM Software
  • Recommendations and Recommendation Report 
  • Developing a sound understanding of the Building Regulations and knowledge of thermal insulation products
  • Covers U-value calculations 
  • Developing a more comprehensive understanding of Building Services

NDEA Level 3 and 4 Training Cost: 

£1910.00 (plus VAT) + £357.00 C&G Registration Fee (VAT exempt) =

   £2267.00 (excl VAT) 
   £2649.00 (Inc VAT)




NDEA- Experienced Practitioner Route (APEL)

This is a two day training course for professionals that wish to be certified as an APEL Level 4 NDEA assessor.

This training is designed for those individuals who have non-domestic buildings experience relevant to the energy assessment industry and, who are able to document their involvement and experience of working in this field for at least two of the last five years by way of a competency mapping exercise.

Candidates must demonstrate that they meet the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding as defined by the National Occupational Standards (NOS) by completing an application form & being mapped against the standards.  They will be expected to be familiar with Building Regulations, construction methods, HVAC and lighting systems related to non-domestic properties and understand architects’ plans.

Successful completion of this course and all assessments qualifies candidates to assess both level 3 and 4 existing buildings and produce Level 4 non-domestic new-build calculations.

How to apply for mapping

  • Book onto your preferred training course date through our online Training Calendar
  • An application form will be sent through once payment has been received for you to complete and return to us
  • The applicant’s experience, qualifications and training are mapped against the standards to determine your suitability for the APEL route
  • The Applicant is notified of the outcome of the mapping process:
    • If an applicant is not deemed to have met the requirements of the APEL route the new entrant route is suggested.
    • Successful applicants will be advised and an official confirmation email will be sent through with location, start times and anything else required for the training course.

Course includes: 

  • 2 day classroom training
  • 5 SBEM test case assessments (3 supplied by Elmhurst Energy)
  • Distance learning materials

Please contact our Non-Domestic Team on 01455 883 231 if you have any queries about this route.

Total NDEA Level 4 APEL training course cost:

  £940.00(excl VAT) 
  £1128.00 (Inc VAT)



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Success Stories

"Excellent- One of the best instructors I have come accross. He gets through the material quickly without feeling rushed, and I felt that I could happily do an assessment- after training"

- Edward Brooks,NDEA L3 and 4


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If you need help get in touch!

Fill out our short contact form below if you would like to find out more about the information displayed on this page

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