The Sustainable Warmth Competition

The government has made £350 million worth of funding available to Local Authorities in England up until March 2023. This competition combines two existing schemes- Phase 3 of the Local Authority Delivery scheme (LAD3) and Phase 1 of the Home Upgrade Grant (HUG1).

The funding is intended to upgrade the worst insulated owner occupied and private rented homes, with energy efficiency and low carbon heating measures compatible with Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP).

Homes with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E-G will be prioritised, but EPC D-rated homes can also be included.

PAS 2035 required

All projects delivered within the Sustainable Warmth Competition must be compliant with PAS 2035, which covers a fabric first approach (of insulation and heat loss prevention measures) to retrofitting domestic properties.

For Local Authorities this will mean that they will need to work with TrustMark approved Retrofit Coordinator who will oversee the retrofit projects and lodge information to the TrustMark Data Warehouse. In addition to this, any Installers will need to be PAS 2030:2019 or MCS certified in order to install eligible measures.


Success with the Sustainable Warmth Competition

The government recommends a fabric first approach (of insulation and heat loss prevention measures) when looking to upgrade homes, and stipulates that this will score highly against the ‘Strategic Fit’ assessment when applying for the competition.

Delivery partners and subcontractors must all adhere to PAS 2035, which is why we recommend sourcing TrustMark Approved Retrofit professionals, or even considering the need to take PAS 2035/retrofit competencies in house.

These options will ensure a greater chance of a bid being successful.

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