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Retrofit Monitoring and Evaluation

Measuring actual Energy Performance

Monitoring and evaluation of retrofit projects is critical in determining the projects overall effectiveness when it comes to reducing a property’s carbon emissions and enhancing its energy efficiency. By adopting these practices, energy and retrofit professionals can assess whether the actual performance of retrofitted buildings aligns with the original design intent.

Elmhurst Energy is now supporting these professionals in adopting this practice through access to on demand training and Elmhurst’s Measured Energy Performance Service. By incorporating a Retrofit Monitoring and Evaluation service, energy and retrofit professionals can position themselves at the cutting edge of their industry.

In addition to this, they can offer more comprehensive and effective solutions to their clients, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainability and energy conservation.  Click below to register your interest.


How it works in practice

Step 1

Complete an assessment of the home and gather information on its energy use.

How it works in practice

Step 2

Place small temperature sensors around the property which will gather energy performance data for 3 weeks.

How it works in practice

Step 3

The Elmhurst research and development team can then process this data to calculate the Heat Transfer Coefficient or HTC number. This will be put through a bespoke version of Design SAP software to produce an accurate energy rating. You can then hand this report to your client!

Measured Energy Performance Service

Elmhurst’s Research and Development team currently offers an affordable solution for energy assessors seeking Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTC) calculations; a key component of delivering Measured Energy Performance.

For just £300, assessors can purchase bundles of five Measured Energy Performance Reports, a service to allow you to see the impact of the measured HTC within your SAP calculation. Our team will handle your data with care, using a customised version of Design SAP to generate detailed reports. This streamlined approach makes advanced HTC calculations accessible and budget-friendly for all energy assessors.