PAS 2035 for Installers

PAS 2035 is the overarching document in a framework of new and existing standards. It embraces a ‘whole house approach’ to retrofit which considers the home, environment, occupancy and householder improvement objectives when determining the most suitable measures to install. But what does this mean for installers?

PAS 2030:2019

PAS 2035 is inextricably linked with PAS 2030:2019 which is the updated industry specification (previously PAS 2030:2017) to which all energy efficiency installers must be certified and compliant with. PAS 2030 essentially covers the installation, commissioning and handover of retrofit projects.

Once an installer updates their certification from PAS 2030:2017 to PAS 2030:2019 the requirements of PAS 2035 commences, which includes the need for a project to be overseen and lodged into the TrustMark Data Warehouse by a qualified and TrustMark registered Retrofit Coordinator.

Installers and ECO3

Installers and delivery partners need to adopt the new PAS 2035:2019 and updated PAS 2030:2019 specification before the 1st July 2021. If they refuse to do this they will be unable to deliver energy efficiency measures under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.

However, those who adopt these new PAS standards during the transitionary period (1st Jan 2020 – 30th June 2021) will be awarded with a 20% uplift for all ECO3 measures delivered.


What can Installers do?

Installers can comply with the new PAS standards and TrustMark quality scheme, by either developing PAS 2035 competencies in house (undertaking training and possessing the necessary qualifications and memberships) or by working closely with retrofit professionals. Some Installers may opt to offer a complete service which incorporates assessment, design, coordination and installation by having individuals suitably qualified and accredited.

How can Elmhurst help?

Elmhurst launched the very first TrustMark approved schemes for qualified Retrofit Assessors and Retrofit Coordinators back in 2019. Members of these schemes can undertake retrofit work in accordance with PAS 2035, to ensure that installers, social housing providers and delivery partners can continue to offer energy efficiency measures within ECO3.

Elmhurst also offer relevant training for installers to become fully qualified as either a Retrofit Assessor or Retrofit Coordinator. You can find out more about how to get started as a retrofit professional by clicking below.

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