How do I become a domestic energy assessor?

Whether you're looking to expand within your sector or change career direction completely, becoming a domestic energy assessor is an increasingly popular choice due to the new focus on sustainability in society. Luckily for any aspiring domestic energy assessor, the route into the profession is simple and focused.
What is a domestic energy assessor?
A domestic energy assessor is someone that visits domestic buildings such as houses, apartment blocks, and flats, and works out their energy efficiency.
What routes can you take into becoming a domestic energy assessor?
The main route into becoming a domestic energy assessor is by undergoing a specialist energy assessor course put on by a private organisation. Before you become registered as a domestic energy assessor, you will need to complete energy assessor training. As well as this, you will need to achieve a Level 3 Certificate and also become a member of an approved accreditation scheme.
Following the completion of all of these tasks, you will be added to a list of registered DEAs, meaning that potential clients will be able to contact you for work.
What skills do you need to become a domestic energy assessor?
To become a great domestic energy assessor, there are several skills that you should either possess or strive to work on. Here are a few of the most prominent ideal skills:
- great initiative
- basic knowledge of maths
- the ability to work on a computer and/or a handheld device
- excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
- honed attention to detail
If you want to become a domestic energy assessor, look no further than Elmhurst Energy. We offer all of the DEA training courses required to become qualified, and boast the highest quality teachers around. Take the first step towards your new career by getting in touch with a member of our expert, friendly team today.

Article published 19th December 2019

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