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Elmhurst Energy Launches New Measured Energy Performance (MEP) Scheme


Elmhurst Energy is excited to announce the launch of a new competency scheme, Measured Energy Performance (MEP). This is a growing area of interest in the energy assessment market and the brand-new scheme is the first of its kind.

Measured Energy Performance (MEP) Scheme

What is Measured Energy Performance?

Measured Energy Performance is one of several competency schemes that evaluates building performance. Other familiar schemes include air tightness testing, U-value calculations, and ventilation testing.

Building Performance evaluation assesses how a property performs in practice, using on site, physical measurements rather than relying solely on energy model outputs.

Measured Energy Performance focuses on the measurement of Heat Transfer Co-efficient, or HTC as it is often known. HTC is a measure of the heat transfer per degree of temperature difference between inside and outside, measured in watts per degree Celsius. It is a measurement already calculated in SAP, RdSAP and other Energy models. Using methodologies, such as Build Test Solutions’ Smart HTC, the actual HTC for a home can be measured.

What Are The Benefits of Building Performance Evaluation?

There are a number of benefits to conducting a building performance evaluation, including (but not limited to):

Evaluation of Pre and Post retrofit work and satisfying regulatory requirements

MEP is key to measuring and evaluating retrofit work, aiding in decision-making about which measures to install and evaluating their efficiency post-installation.

MEP will play an important part in PAS 2035:2023 and the expected BS 40104 Retrofit Assessment standard consultation, due any day.

New Build validation

Decarbonising new builds is a significant challenge for achieving net zero by 2050. MEP helps house builders to prove that their homes’ energy performance matches the design intent. Performance testing new homes ensures Future Home standards are met.

This results in homes that are more energy efficient and meet the comfort and quality that a homeowner would expect, both from a new build perspective and in retrofitted older and traditional buildings.

Design SAP 10 now allows users to enter a measured HTC figure and calculate metrics, such as EPC rating and carbon emissions, using the measured HTC figure, rather than the HTC calculated by the SAP methodology. Users can also create energy reports where the HTC figure has been used to demonstrate the impact of the HTC figure entered.

Who Can Become A Measured Energy Performance Assessor?

A background in energy performance is beneficial but not required. Potential candidates include Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs), Retrofit Assessors, or individuals who currently perform air tightness tests. Anyone can join the scheme after completing the Elmhurst MEP training and the specific methodology training, such as Build Test Solutions’ Smart HTC.

What Does A Measured Energy Performance Assessment Involve?

The MEP assessment varies depending on the methodology used. Examples include the following:

Smart HTC:

This assessment can be conducted in an occupied dwelling during the winter heating season.

Sensors are placed in the property for a minimum of 21 days, with data collected on-site, including meter readings and property data at the start and end of the assessment period.

Other methods:

Another method may include the use of  an unoccupied property for a quicker test, usually within 24 hours.

The property is heated using fans and allowed to cool over a period of time.

Elmhurst Comments:

Caroline Postles, Technical Consultant at Elmhurst Energy and MEP Scheme lead, comments:

“Launching the MEP training and the broader scheme is pivotal for expanding essential skills in this area. It highlights Elmhurst’s ongoing dedication to enhancing knowledge about building performance evaluation. We anticipate that this course will be instrumental in developing the expertise needed to drive energy efficiency improvements and promote the adoption of low-carbon heating solutions across the UK.”

Measured Energy Performance Training

Elmhurst’s MEP training is an on-demand course, awarding 3 hours of CPD, that can be completed at your own pace. Additionally, there is a requirement to complete specific methodology training with Build Test Solutions or an alternative. Each option here will have its own costs and support.

Most people offer MEP assessments alongside other services they provide and the amount you can charge may vary depending on the size and complexity of the property. However, assessors are charging significantly more for MEP assessments, when compared to standard Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rates or air tightness tests.


Measured Energy Performance Training

For more information of the Measured Energy Performance Training and Competency scheme, please click the button below.