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Interview with Overheating Competency Scheme Coordinator Emma Grantham


As the only accreditation body with an Overheating Competency Scheme, Elmhurst is seen as a trailblazer in this new area of energy assessment. Today we caught up with the scheme’s coordinator Emma Grantham to find out how the scheme’s been going.

First of all, what is an overheating risk assessment?

Since the new building regulations came in on the 15th June, developers have had to show that they’ve mitigated the risk of overheating. There’s two ways of doing this: the simplified method and the detailed method, using dynamic thermal analysis (DTM).

Why would members want to offer overheating risk assessments?

They’re a good source of revenue and a natural extension to many of our members’ services as overheating goes hand in hand with SAP.

It’s a new area of energy assessment so we’ve had loads of enquiries from builders, architects and even Building Control Bodies looking for people to do overheating risk assessments. As we also run an Overheating Competency Scheme we’re able to refer them to a list of our members, who have been properly trained and vetted.

How do you become trained to offer overheating risk assessments?

If you already have experience of using Dynamic Thermal Modelling using either IES or DesignBuilder software then you can go right ahead and book a one day overheating course.

If you don’t have experience using IES or DesignBuilder then you can book the relevant prerequisite software course, which you can complete in your own time.

What’s the benefit of joining the Overheating Competency Scheme?

Joining the competency scheme is a great way to stand out from the crowd as someone who is trained and competent to provide overheating risk assessments. As previously mentioned, we’re receiving calls from a lot of people asking for the details of those who can provide overheating assessments, who we refer to our list of competent assessors.

You’ll also have access to marketing materials such as the approved assessor logo, dedicated technical support and specially developed tools.

Complete an overheating training course

Want to start providing Overheating Risk Assessments? Find out more about our overheating training courses.

Find out more about Elmhurst’s Overheating Competency Scheme.