Provide quality assured Overheating assessments

Join Elmhurst’s recognised Overheating competency scheme and start providing quality assured assessments for clients.

Membership of Elmhurst’s Overheating competency scheme will demonstrate a professional recognition of the quality of your practice and enable you to be featured on Elmhurst’s ‘Search for Assessor’ facility.

How to join the scheme

In order to join Elmhurst's Overheating Competency Scheme you must attend one of our Overheating training courses and complete a competency assessment. If you are already an Overheating risk assessor who has completed a training course (even with another provider), you can go right ahead and apply for membership! Upon application to the scheme all applicants will receive a competency assessment, once passed you will be registered on the scheme.

Why provide quality assured Overheating assessments?

As buildings become more insulated and airtight, overheating is becoming more of a problem in the UK, which is why from June 2022 it will become a legal requirement for developers to provide Building Control Bodies with evidence that shows they have mitigated the risk of overheating.

By joining Elmhurst’s competency scheme you are demonstrating specialist knowledge and proficiency in using dynamic simulation modelling to evaluate different strategies to reduce the risk of overheating.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and expertise
  • Provide quality assured assessments
  • Stand out from the crowd
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Need to attend a training course?

Elmhurst provides online Overheating training courses through our trusted third party training providers, IES and DesignBuilder. These courses will provide you with the knowledge needed to confidently assess Overheating risk in buildings using DesignBuilder's TM52 and TM59 tools.

The course is currently being delivered online with plans to return to classroom based training in the future.


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Get a recognised
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Elmhurst's Overheating Scheme offers credibility and quality standards to those trained to provide Overheating Risk Assessments

With Elmhurst's Overheating Scheme, members will benefit from a significant competitive advantage due to the consistency and quality of their Overheating assessments.

Member benefits:

  • Industry recognition of competence to undertake Overheating Risk Assessments.
  • Addition to our list of competent Overheating Risk Assessors available on our website.
  • Technical support to members on Overheating regulations and carrying out Overheating Risk Assessments.
  • Updates on future Building Regulation and technical standard changes in regards to Overheating.

Overheating Scheme Fees  

Registration Fee - £395 plus VAT

Application Fee - £95 application fee Now free!

Subsequent Annual Renewal - £395 (excluding VAT)

Current Overheating Competency Scheme Members

Name Email Address Phone number
Saleh Abiyati 01689 888 222
Robert Atherton 01858 322011
Neville Duggan 07974193039
Matthew Carter 01754 761035
Will Howarth 01543 547771
Matthew Hurd 01543 547771
Adam Lindley 0161 706 0298
James Robinson 07432597455
Scott Spearing 01489565920
Alex Visintini 02037358169
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