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UK heatwave hits as Part O regulations come into force


As temperatures soar as high as 34°C in some parts of the UK today, the topic of overheating in homes will be coming to the fore as people start to feel uncomfortably hot in their homes and struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

New build houses are notorious for overheating when the weather gets warmer, but the new Part O of the Building Regulations aims to tackle this issue. Part O for England came into force on the 15th of June alongside Parts L and F and requires all new homes to have been assessed for overheating risk by either a simplified or detailed method.  

Want to learn more about Part O? Elmhurst has produced a webinar: An Introduction to Part O: Overheating, which can be purchased on out market place and is worth 1 hour of CPD.

Stand out from the crowd

We expect this year there will be more talk than ever on the topic of overheating with the new Part O regulations and summer fast approaching. Therefore those who have completed overheating training will stand out from the crowd as someone who is able to undertake detailed overheating assessments

Elmhurst provides training through the two most recognized modelling software providers, DesignBuilder and IES. There are courses available for those with no experience using either software and for those who do have experience and want to upskill in overheating. For more information on our overheating training please visit our training page. 

Once you are trained you can join Elmhurst’s Overheating Scheme – the only competency scheme for detailed assessors using dynamic thermal modelling. Joining the Overheating competency scheme demonstrates knowledge and expertise allowing you to stand out from the crowd and gain industry recognition. For more information please visit our scheme page here.