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Elmhurst releases draft response to Scottish New Build Heat Standard: scoping consultation


Elmhurst has released its draft response to the Scottish New Build Heat Standard: scoping consultation.

This consultation focuses on Scottish Government’s approach to regulation of new buildings, meeting the commitment established in the 2019 Programme for Scottish Government to require new buildings to use renewable or low carbon heat.

Elmhurst’s draft response to this consultation has now been released.

The consultation seeks views in the following areas:

  • By 2024 new buildings should use heating and cooling systems with zero direct emissions
  • Nine key outcomes including ensuring new buildings do not contribute to climate change, reducing heat and cooling demand and ensuring the cost of heating our buildings is affordable
  • Defining a zero direct emissions system as one that produces no greenhouse gases at the point of use
  • How compliance for these proposals should be enforced
  • Developing skills and the supply chain for zero emission systems
  • Informing consumers and improving awareness of zero emission heating systems

Elmhurst OCDEA Team Leader Hewins said: “Elmhurst is pleased that Scottish Government are consulting on the use of zero emissions heating and cooling systems from 2024. We have always advocated that industry needs a clear roadmap to prepare for changes away from traditional heating systems we have used for years.

“Elmhurst believes accredited energy assessors and the outputs from the national calculation methodologies can be utliised to inform consumers of new technologies and ensure compliance to new standards is achieved. We look forward to further consultations in this area in the future.”

Read Elmhurst’s draft response to the consultation.

Read the New Build Heat Standard: scoping consultation.