Legionella Risk Assessment Software (Online and Mobile)

Elmhurst's Legionella Software is available online and as a mobile application. Assessors can capture legionella risk assessment data in the field and produce legionella risk assessments online, along with a certificate of completion. 

Legionella Web Based Software

Elmhurst's desktop Legionella Software offers a secure lodgement system for legionella risk assessments and is available to use online, free of charge for all scheme members. The desktop software offers quick data input with the standard legionella form available as a one page scrolling document for ease of use.

This software option is ideal for those who are unfamiliar with the use of smart phones or tablets, and prefer to use paper-based forms to capture data in the field and then input the data electronically at home or in the office. 

*Designed for use on various Windows platforms*

Legionella risk assessment software for mobile and desktop from Elmhurst Energy

  • FREE to use for scheme members (available online through Access Elmhurst).
  • One page scrolling makes data input quick and easy
  • Preview assessment results instantly before submission
  • Secure lodgement system enables assessments to be stored and retrieved with ease.
  • Assessments can be copied, where similar water systems are surveyed.
  • Allows uploading of photos which are embedded in the PDF output
  • Offers additional Schematic Drawing feature not offered by other schemes
  • *NEW* Zoom feature for quicker and easier drawings
  • *NEW* Companies can now access legionella reports and review data inputs (Companies only)
  • *NEW* Add branding to output reports with a company banner (Companies only)

Legionella Mobile Software (iOS) 

Assessors can now complete Legionella Risk Assessments in the field with help from Legionella GO; Elmhurst's new mobile legionella risk assessment software (available for iOS).

Legionella GO eliminates the need for paper-based assessment forms by replicating our existing risk assessment form within a mobile application. This means Assessors will no longer need to re-input assessment data at home or in the office, as they can create and enter assessment data on site*

Mobile compatible legionella software        

  • FREE to download.
  • Fast, flexible, intuitive app for Legionella Risk Assessors
  • Assessment data can be created and entered offline
  • Users can track most recent work and can filter assessments
  • Photos can be added from both camera and photo library
  • Incomplete and complete assessments can be uploaded to Access Elmhurst

*An internet connection is required for submissions of completed Legionella Risk Assessments through Access Elmhurst.

Download for iOS

Start submitting Legionella Risk Assesssments today!

Domestic Energy Assessments (DEAs) can start submitting Legionella Risk Assessments today, by joining Elmhurst's Legionella Risk Assessment Scheme. This scheme provides an opportunity for DEAs to expand their existing service creating an additional revenue stream alongside your traditional energy assessments. Insurance is also included within Elmhurst's submission fee!

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