New Guidance Documents from DCLG

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has recently released three new documents which provide additional guidance for both Domestic and Non Domestic Energy Assessors. 

Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings – A guide for the marketing sale and let of dwellings 

  • The essential and fundamental guide to EPCs

  • How EPCs are calculated

  • Complaints processes

Accessing register data under the EP of Buildings regulations 2012

  • Where EPC data is stored

  • Who sees the EPC data

  • A guide on how to retrieve EPC/ DEC data you need

Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings – Local Weights and Measures Authority guidance

  • What are your responsibilities as a DEA

  • When NOT to create an EPC

  • The glossary of DEA terms – the crucial definitions you need to know as a DEA 

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