Smart Rules 

A smart audit is a ‘risk based’ audit based on pre-defined set of criteria as shown in the table below.

Information about Smart Auditing

  • Smart audits are designed to find potentially defective EPC.
  • Smart audit selection will focus on the data items, and associated evidence, relevant to the smart rule(s) that the lodgement has triggered.
  • If a smart audit fails for a reason another than the smart audit rule that it triggered then, where possible, the subsequent follow on audit will be based on the same criteria that caused the fail.
  • If an EPC is called for smart audit and triggered multiple smart audit rules, then it will be audited against them all but only counted as one smart audit. 
  • If a member passes a smart audit then, in a subsequent month, they trigger the same smart audit rule then they do not need to be audited as they have already demonstrated their competence on the issue.

Current Smart Rules (v1.2)

The new Smart Rules introduced with this version have been highlighted below:

Rule Number



Multiple lodgements by same asseessor on same property within 1 calender month where SAP rating was F or G but is now E or above


No main heating system present, but mains gas supply available.


Main building age band is L


Heating controls of boiler energy manager


Overridden U-values for the main building walls


Wall of any building part that has insulation type unknown


Floor of any building part that has insulation type unknown


Non-pitched roof or roof room of any building part has insulation type/thickness ‘unknown’


No heating controls present, but main heating system is a gas (incl. LPG) or oil boiler


Ground floor of main building room height is <1.5m or >4m


Mechanical ventilation present in property built prior to 2003 (including supply/extract)


Gas boiler main heating system and hot water from electric immersion


Duplicate lodgement of an EPC for the same property within 7 calendar days by the same assessor


Age band A cavity walls


No access to main building loft


No access to HW cylinder


Dormant - Main building age band K or L


Dormant - Floor or wall insulation Unknown


Dormant  -   Any building part on any element has insulation type recorded as unknown


Dormant -  Duplicate lodgement of an EPC for the same property within 1 month by the same assessor

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