Scottish homes to be ‘C’ rated when sold from 2024

Today the Scottish Government set out a target for owner occupied homes through its consultation ‘Energy Efficient Scotland Improving energy efficiency in owner occupied homes’. The headline is a bold move to ensure that all homes sold in Scotland from 2024 and onwards are ‘C’ rated on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). 

This will be legally binding and will ensure owner occupied homes have similar standards that private and social landlords have to adhere too. There is also a suggestion that not only would this new standard apply at point of sale, but also at a point of major renovation work.

There are 32 questions in total which cover a range of requirements within the document. Elmhurst will now spend time fully analysing the document and will ofcourse inform our members of its implications.

Stuart Fairlie Technical & Operations Director at Elmhurst comments: “We welcome this statement of intent from Scotland and we will as always thoroughly analyse the consultation and listen to our members before responding. This is a massive sign of policy intent, and it really sets Scotland’s vision apart. There will be some challenges to deliver this, but it is definitely in the right direction if Scottish homes are to be warmer and cheaper to run. We look forward to working with Scottish Government and our members to make this happen.”

The consultation is due to close on Thursday 26th March

Link to Consultation:

Article published 19th December 2019

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