Join the only Psi-Value scheme in the industry

A Psi-Value measures the rate of heat loss through a junction (where two thermal elements meet e.g. external wall and ground floor). The heat loss at these junctions is referred to as nonrepeating thermal bridges which can form up to 25% of the total fabric heat loss of a building. As a member of Elmhurst's Psi-Value Competency Scheme you’ll be able to model your own junctions and provide a quality stamp of approval for your work.

How to join the scheme

Elmhurst currently operates one of the only Psi-Value Competency Schemes in the industry. Entry onto the scheme is dependent on you completing a Psi-Value training course, where you can choose to undergo 2D or combined 2D & 3D Psi-Value modelling. If you have already completed a training course (even with another provider), you can go right ahead and apply for Elmhurst accreditation!

Why become a
Psi-Value Modeller?

The government is updating the building regulations, as well as the calculation methodology which is used to determine compliance with the regulations.

The introduction of strict new targets and removal of accredited Psi-Values means it will become harder to comply with building regulations without using calculated Psi-Values, which are more accurate than using default values. Our Competency Scheme provides a quality stamp of approval for members' Psi-Value calculations, as well as entry onto a professional industry register.

  • Gain in demand skills
  • Greater flexibility for achieving compliance
  • Be prepared for the update to Building Regulations
  • Model different materials
  • Get a quality stamp of approval
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Separate 2D & 3D Training

Elmhurst provides 2 separate Psi-Value training courses: 2D and combined 2D & 3D Psi-Value Modelling, which are 2 and 4 days long respectively. Both are rigorous courses, with a lot of practical exercises, to ensure you leave with the required technical knowledge to produce your own Psi-Values.


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Get a recognised
stamp of approval

Elmhurst's Psi-Value Scheme offers credibility and quality standards to those trained to provide Psi-Value calculations

With Elmhurst's Psi-Value Scheme, members will benefit from a significant competitive advantage due to the consistency and quality of their Psi-Value calculations.

Member benefits:

  • Access to Elmhurst's members portal
  • Potential to Increase Business Revenue
  • Insurance Included
  • Access to Elmhurst's Technical Support
  • Entry onto Elmhurst's Scheme listing

Psi-Value Scheme Fees  

Application Fee - Free

2D training fee £850 +VAT (Includes training and test case marking)

2D & 3D training fee - £1695 +VAT (Includes training and test case marking)

Annual Renewal Fee- £295 + VAT

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