Psi-Value Competency Scheme

Elmhurst Energy's Psi-Value (ψ-value) Competency Scheme provides a great opportunity for SAP assessors and those involved in the building process to become industry recognised as Psi-Value Modellers.

A combination of high quality training and thorough assessment has been developed in order to ensure individuals can undertake Psi-value calculations in accordance with BR 497 standards, as well as 2D and 3D thermal bridging calculations for junctions, within SAP and SBEM.

Why become a Psi-Value Modeller? 

As a Psi-Value Modeller you will no longer need to rely on prescribed junction details and will have the ability to model bespoke or unusual junction details, using the resulting psi values within your SAP and SBEM assessments. Modelling Psi-values will also give you greater flexibility when trying to achieve compliance with Part L regulations.

Become Accredited as a Psi-Value Modeller 

Process to become a Psi-Value Modeller

Step 1: Book on to the four day Psi-Value Competency training course 


Step 2: Once booked onto a course you will be sent an email with a link to the competency scheme application form

Step 3: Attend our three day Psi Value Competency course and complete the test cases to attain certification of 

 Psi Value calculations in accordance with BR 497


2D and 3D junctions

Already producing Psi-Values? 

Please contact On Construction Support on 01455 883 236 for details on joining Elmhurst's Psi-Value Competency Scheme.

Scheme Entry Requirements

  • Scheme members will have to have satisfactorily completed the supplied test cases 
  • Scheme members will be required to have their own professional indemnity insurance
  • Scheme members will be required to complete annual competency assessment of further test cases to remain within the scheme
  • Scheme members will be required to purchase their own software license after attending the training days.

Why Join Elmhurst's Psi-Value Competency Scheme?

A Quality Stamp of Approval

Scheme members will receive a quality stamp of approval, once they have received their qualification. This will provide reassurance to users of your service that you have been assessed and are deemed competent in providing accurate and reliable Psi-Value Calculations.

Potential to Increase Business Revenue

With the Elmhurst scheme providing additional training and a quality mark of competency to assist the accurancy of Psi-Values produced, you will have a greater chance of winning corporate contracts and an opportunity to increase your business revenue. Elmhurst feels that a membership of the scheme can add value that can be offered to your clients as part of your current portfolio of services.

Entry onto Elmhurst's Scheme listing 

Upon completion of the course assessments your details can be listed on the industry's only public list of Psi-Value Modellers. This is featured on the home page of the Elmhurst website (through the search for an assessor facility).

Psi-Value Competency Scheme Fees 

                           Training Fee- £1695 +VAT (Includes training and test case marking)                               

Annual Renewal Fee- £295 + VAT 




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