Occupancy Assessment

There are now two alternative routes for meeting the requirements for an Occupancy Assessment.

Firstly, note that Occupancy data is only needed on Risk Path B & C plans. From there, the two options, the 'shortcut' route that we have just added to allow limited occupancy data to be collected as part of the Condition Report, appears as an additional 'tile' within the Condition report and contains five questions. This can be completed either online or by using Condition Report Go.

However, should the retrofit project team/Retrofit Coordinator require a more comprehensive Occupancy Assessment, the Retrofit Assessor can use Elmhurst's online Occupancy Assessment tool.

The Occupancy Asssessment tool can be used to generate a professional report which outlines how the occupant uses the energy of the property. This tool allows you to use the RdSAP data and create an accurate report based on the household's overall energy usage.

This is achieved by entering information such as the number of occupants in the property, which rooms are heated by which heating systems, the actual water usage per week, etc. As well as the use of white goods within the property and information provided from household bills.

Occupancy assessment illustration
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