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Assessing embodied carbon needs accredited energy assessors

19 May 2021

Elmhurst are pleased to provide support and expertise to The Construction Carbon Footprint Scheme in their white paper to the Climate Change Committee proposing an independent certification scheme for assuring the quality and overseeing the life cycle analysis of buildings. Life cycle analysis (LCA) is a method used to evaluate the environmental impact of a product, in this case a building, through its life cycle, including the extraction and processing of the raw materials, manufacturing,


Retrofit Assessment - Where’s the work?

10 May 2021

The number one question we get asked when someone enquires about our Retrofit Assessor course is where’s the work coming from? And it’s a fair question. Why become qualified if the job opportunities aren’t clear? Hopefully this article will put your mind at ease and give you some ideas about the potential opportunities available to Retrofit Assessors. Supporting Schemes ECO3 The Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) is a government scheme that provides funding to help


Elmhurst publishes draft response to SAP 10.2 Consultation

06 May 2021

Following the Future Homes and Building Standards consultations the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published a further consultation covering some changes to SAP 10. The consultation focuses on heat networks and can be found here. In summary it proposes the following: Recognition of additional types of recovered heat It is proposed that new types of heat recovery used in heat networks will be included into the next revision of SAP 10.


Closure of the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive: Ensuring a stable scheme

05 May 2021

The UK Government have put into motion a consultation on the closure of the current Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. This scheme was due to close at the end of March 2021 however this was extended for 12 months. It will be closing for new applicants on the 31st March 2022 with the last payment to be made in March 2029. The consultation was a chance to react and express opinions on this closure and the


Elmhurst supports Scotland's Draft Heat in Buildings Strategy

30 April 2021

Elmhurst has released its final response to one of Scottish Government's most important consultations to date. Reducing carbon emissions in homes and businesses remains a top priority for all UK governments, and this can be strongly evidenced by Scotland's Heat in Buildings Strategy consultation. The strategy highlighted within this 185 page document updates both the previous Energy Efficient Scotland Route Map and the Heat Policy Statement, and establishes a clear direction as to how Scotland


Elmhurst publishes draft response to Scottish Government's Heat in Buildings Strategy Consultation

28 April 2021

The Scottish Government are seeking consultation for their latest heat in buildings strategy, which attempts to achieve net zero emissions for Scotland’s homes and buildings by 2045. The draft strategy does not cover heat used in industrial processes, however it does focus on energy demand for space and water heating in domestic homes, workplaces and community buildings.   View Elmhurst's consultation response To meet their net zero target, by 2045 all homes and buildings in


Elmhurst issues draft response to Scottish Skills Requirement Consultation

27 April 2021

Elmhurst has issued a draft response to Scottish Government's consultation on proposals for developing skills requirements for energy efficiency, zero emissions and low carbon heating systems. The Consultation seeks views on the delivery of alternative heating systems to dwellings in both urban and rural locations, and in particular the skills which will be required to deliver a programme designed to improve the housing stock and reduce carbon emissions in Scotland. Key Proposals: Considering views on


Northern Ireland Energy Strategy 2050- Consultation Released

26 April 2021

The Department for the Economy has released a consultation which proposes energy strategy options to decarbonise the Northern Ireland energy sector by 2050. This builds on an earlier call for evidence which was released to the industry back in April 2020. A new Northern Ireland Energy Strategy is earmarked for a Winter 2021 release, following a review of consultation responses. The consultation itself highlights five key principles which will help the country deliver its vision


Elmhurst celebrates World Earth day!

22 April 2021

It’s world earth day today! World Earth day is an annual event, first established in 1970 that includes a wide range events to demonstrate support for environmental protection.  Today we salute the thousands of Elmhurst members throughout the UK that help our buildings and people be more energy efficient. Whether this is through energy assessments, operational assessments, air conditioning inspections, overheating assessments, thermography, U-Value calculations, Psi-Value calculations, retrofit, air pressure testing, ventilation, energy modelling, or


Tweak Stamp Duty to encourage energy efficient homes

21 April 2021

The UK Green Buildings Council (UKGBC) has today published a report detailing how to use Stamp Duty to incentive a market for energy efficiency. Elmhurst have long highlighted that the owner occupied sector of the UKs homes have big issues when it comes to energy use and carbon emissions. A big shift in attitudes is required and one sensible way of raising awareness and prompting change is through Stamp Duty changes. The report suggests how


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