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Murder in the House

26 October 2018

It’s behind you! The boiler, that is. But there’s no shortage of spooky stories from DEAs conducting assessments. One such story occurred when Carol was called to do an EPC on a standard property in Northampton. Or so she thought… I used to do a lot of EPCs for social housing in Northampton, and as the years progressed I got to know the people who worked there quite well. There was one team in particular,


Dem Bones

25 October 2018

There’s something about lofts, isn’t there? Dark spaces, conveniently out of the way, where you can store anything from Christmas decorations to… more sinister items. But sooner or later someone’s got to go up there, especially if you’re a DEA checking the insulation. One such DEA was treated to the shock of a lifetime when he conducted an assessment for a property in Burton. This is Guy’s story: I was at the property and this


A Rude Awakening

24 October 2018

DEA Carol shares her spooky story...  I was once asked to do an EPC for the flat above an estate agents. It was their flat, actually, so they gave me the keys and reassured me that I could go straight in because no one was home. So up I go, giving a courtesy knock on the door just to check the tenants weren’t in. No answer. Fairly satisfied that the flat was empty, I opened


Elmhurst responds to Government's call for evidence on EPCs

19 October 2018

Elmhurst has now reviewed and submitted its final response for the EPC in Buildings call for evidence. This call for evidence was extremely important to Elmhurst and our membership as it effectively covers everything that we do as a business. We have spent a great deal of time developing a considered response, and we hope that all of our comments are constructive and add value to the work of our members. Our response generally aims


Government’s call for evidence on EPCs: 150 members attend Elmhurst Energy conference

18 October 2018

Over 150 members of Elmhurst Energy attended our 25th Anniversary Conference in Leicester, as the industry responds to the Government’s call for evidence on Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). Members listened to and engaged with experts from Elmhurst Energy and the wider industry, to explain the context of the Call For Evidence and draw attention to the challenges that exist with climate change and fuel poverty - and the opportunities that energy certificates present. Members were


What is Green GB week?

16 October 2018

Following the release of the latest IPCC summary last week, UK Climate Minister, Claire Perry, has declared this week as ‘Green GB week’. This week will be used to raise awareness of the very real climate challenges we are facing, and aims to raise the ever pressing debate about how climate change can be tackled while also growing the economy. The UK’s current target is a reduction of 80% of emissions by 2050 based on


Government's call for evidence on EPCs - Elmhurst's draft response

12 October 2018

We were delighted to welcome over 150 members and customers to our 25th Anniversary conference on 2nd October. The theme of the day was the Government's Call For Evidence on Energy Performance Certificates. During the day members listened to experts from Elmhurst and the wider industry explain the context of the Call For Evidence and draw attention to the challenges that exist with climate change and fuel poverty - and the opportunities that energy certificates


ESOS Phase 1 non-compliance exposed

10 October 2018

The Environment Agency has released the long anticipated list of those companies who were non–compliant with ESOS, alongside details of the fines imposed upon them. There has been significant demand over the past couple of years for these details to be made publicly available to persuade those who chose not to comply with their mandatory obligations, to reconsider their position from Phase 2 and beyond. It has been consistently highlighted in the review of Phase


iSAP: Elmhurst's analysis of changes

09 October 2018

On 8th October 2018 BEIS and BRE released a SAP software product based on SAP 10 known as ‘iSAP’. This is designed to help industry get an idea of the changes and the new data fields in the SAP 10 methodology. It is important to stress this does not give an indication on how SAP 10 will influence building regulations compliance for new dwellings. Any changes to the next version of Part L1A are expected


Dame Hackitt pulls no punches

05 October 2018

Elmhurst were delighted to attend and exhibit at this year's CABE (Chartered Association of Building Engineers) conference to promote the activities of members. The highlight of the event was the keynote speech from Dame Judith Hackitt who spoke candidly about her review of building regulations in light of the horrors of the Grenfell House fire. Dame Hackitt was unapologetic for not having forced the ban of flammable cladding because it as her remit to consider


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