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A Bad Week for the Insulation Industry

08 October 2015

This week two major insulation companies have announced the loss of staff and our sincere sympathies go out to all the staff and families affected. Please remember that Domestic Energy Assessor qualifications are held by the individual and can be used to support an application for accreditation which, if all the other criteria are met, could be an opportunity and the start of a new career. For Elmhurst Members wishing to become accredited with their


Bats in the Belfry

06 October 2015

Or perfectly ordinary loft spaces .... As Domestic Energy Assessors, we know that each working day can bring a new and previously unseen set of circumstances, from crazy heating systems to eccentric householders. Should you encounter a loft space where there is a message warning you not to enter as bats are present you should proceed as follows:  DO NOT ENTER      The EPC can be completed, however.  If a warning message was present,


New Energy Related Products Directive

05 October 2015

A new European Union Directive came into force on 26th September 2015 which aims to set a minimum standard for heating and hot water systems.  The directive is designed to achieve the EU target of reducing energy usage by  20% by 2020.  The directive requires heating appliances with a capacity of up to 400 kW to meet requirements relating to energy consumption, efficiencies and carbon emissions.  This legislation does not impact on Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs)


Government looking to Streamline energy efficiency rules for Business.

29 September 2015

The Government (HM Treasury) yesterday unveiled  plans to drastically reform the carbon reporting and taxation requirements on UK Businesses. The consultation titled “Reforming the business energy efficiency tax landscape” was published and runs until the 9th November 2015. Damien Hinds – Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury states within the document: “This Government is also committed to meeting our environmental targets. We will ensure that the UK can meet these cost effectively, taking careful account of


ESOS Newsletter Issue 5 Download

24 September 2015

Dear Elmhurst ESOS Lead Assessor, As part of your membership to Elmhurst’s ESOS Lead Assessor Register you will receive updates on the latest news about ESOS. The Environment Agency has released ISSUE 5 of the ESOS Newsletter (see attached), to keep you updated with information on the ESOS scheme. These newsletters will be sent out as and when there is new information to be communicated. The latest edition includes;  ESOS case studies


Elmhurst Energy Launches New Legionella Risk Assessment Scheme

17 September 2015

Elmhurst Energy has launched a new training and accreditation scheme that gives property professionals and Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) all the knowledge, skills and tools to offer Legionella Risk Assessments. In the right conditions Legionella bacteria can exist in the water system of a domestic property and if left may lead to Legionnaire's disease, a potentially fatal form of Pneumonia. Under health and safety law, landlords of residential properties must ensure the health


There's a Hole in our Bucket Dear Amber, By Martyn Reed

14 September 2015

Recent news of a major set-back in the UK’s longer term programme for energy production should come as a stark reminder of ongoing challenges for the energy industry. Reports that EDF is struggling to secure finance for the construction of Britain's first new nuclear power plant in decades means we can no longer expect the plant to start generating power in 2023 as planned. The delay further illustrates how current strategies mean that delivery


UN Climate Change Conference promises new era of UK energy efficiency legislation, says Elmhurst Energy

11 September 2015

News Release: 10/09/15  Elmhurst Energy believes the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, 30th November to 11th December 2015, may mark a renewed focus on energy efficiency in the United Kingdom following the dramatic cuts to ECO, the Green Deal and the Feed in Tariff (FiT). 196 countries, including the British Government, will be represented at the Conference, which meets with an objective to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on


Changing Market Attitudes?

08 September 2015

Elmhurst has long been an advocate for energy efficiency in buildings, even before Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) were invented, and made mandatory for house sales, rents and new build in 2007. Before this we trained the vast majority of Chartered Surveyors who in turn were able to use Elmhurst Software to produce ‘home energy reports’ as part of their mortgage valuation/surveying work.  The home energy report was useful for home owners as it allowed them


Elmhurst Energy Responds to Announcement on Feed in Tariffs

03 September 2015

Energy assessors will be very aware that this announcement on Feed in Tariffs (FiTs) follows the disappointing news from DECC concerning the funding of Green Deal. At Elmhurst Energy, we will be working hard to support our members and the wider energy assessor industry through these changes. We will also be responding to the consultation by giving our full support to the solar industry. We will explain the negative impact of the proposals to the government


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