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Government announce plans to cut red tape in energy sector

04 March 2016

The government have just reported their findings and recommendations to remove "red tape" from the energy sector. Most of the report is actually concerned with the supply side of the industry (generation and distribution), as opposed to reducing demand, but two points do relate to the activities of Elmhurst Members. It is suggested that: 1) There is overlap between schemes such as  CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme [CRC] and Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme [ESOS] and the


Leading Think Tank calls for Stamp Duty to be linked to Energy Efficiency

02 March 2016

A leading think tank has suggested to Government that stamp duty should be less for energy efficient homes than leaky inefficient ones. The Policy Exchange which is close to Government states that this change would likely see 270,000 households a year improve their energy efficiency. The report states “Policies which link property values more closely to energy performance could kick-start an energy efficiency revolution in this country. Improving home energy efficiency can save households money,


New Home Planning Permissions at highest since 2008

26 February 2016

In figures release today the House Builders Federation (HBF) have announced that 242,819 permissions were granted in the 12 months to October 2015. This is the highest ‘moving annual’ total since early 2008. To caveat this number, the HBF do state that these permissions still have a long way to go through the planning process. This is something that they wish to streamline. HBF state that there were “181,000 new homes built in 2014/15 –


DECC and OFGEM looking to change rules for new ECO for April 2017

24 February 2016

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have recently announced that Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) funding from April 2017, is considering  a move to a method called ‘deemed scoring’.  This would mean that only a small number of inputs would be needed to calculate the ‘scores’ for the ECO measure. Obviously this is still subject to and dependent on a new Government Policy and any consultation(s) that takes place before hand. DECC believe that


Introduction to Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

24 February 2016

From April 2016, The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property)(England and Wales) Regulations 2015 will bring into force minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) in the residential and commercial private rented sector. The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards dictates that a landlord with an EPC Rating below an E will be required to undertake work to improve the energy performance of their property; otherwise they could face heavy penalties.These new standards will be phased in over the next five


EU Referendum- how does it affect us?

23 February 2016

You will all be aware that the Government has declared that we will be having a referendum on the 23rd June 2016; that will decide whether the UK retains its membership of the EU. Knowing that Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are a requirement that comes from a European Directive, some energy assessors have already called to ask what that means to them and the future of EPCs. Of course no one can predict the future,


Fuel Poverty- A Massive Problem that isn't Going Away

22 February 2016

A new report issued by Government highlights the fact that the UK still has a staggering amount of families deemed to be living as fuel poor. Even by changing the definitions and measurements associated with what is ‘fuel poverty’, the results are quite startling. The number of Households in Fuel Poverty: 2,350,000 (or 10.4%) of households in England 850,000 (or 34.9%) of households in Scotland 390,000 (or 30%) of households in Wales 290,000 (or 42%)


House of Lords- Reinstate Zero Carbon Homes

19 February 2016

In a report published today the House of Lords ‘Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment’ announced a strong statement to the Government to reinstate the Zero Carbon new homes standard. Amongst other items it concludes: “The Government should reverse its decision to remove the requirement for new homes to generate no net carbon emissions (known as the “zero carbon homes” policy).... The Government must set out and implement a viable trajectory towards energy efficiency and


Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Scrapped in Northern Ireland

17 February 2016

Elmhurst Energy are disappointed to hear the latest news that the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Policy has been scrapped in Northern Ireland. The policy was unexpectedly shut earlier this month, but the Enterprise Minister Jonathan Bell subsequently stated that it will stay open until the 29th February 2016. According to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment there was a £30million shortfall in the scheme, following a surge in applications. RHI was open to businesses


Government pressured to insulate homes

16 February 2016

Whilst the Government is consulting on whether to spend public money on road, rail or flood defences, major interest groups, such as the CBI and the UK Energy Research Centre, are urging ministers to consider the improvement of our housing stock to be key infrastructure priority. Unless homes are insulated, the UK will miss targets to end fuel poverty and cut carbon emissions. The Policy Exchange, who describe themselves as "the UK’s leading think tank ...


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