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Elmhurst responds to the DCLG consultation on new Scheme Operating Requirements (SORs)

04 July 2016

DCLG recently announced that they were consulting on an update to the Scheme Operating Requirements (SORs). These SORs are the rules from DCLG by which Accreditation Schemes such as Elmhurst shall operate in order to allow members to create Energy Performance Certificates. They lay down the rules and processes by which we have to ensure that EPCs are correct and that our members abide by a set of rules and guidelines. Through the consultation DCLG


UK sets new ambitious 2030s Carbon Target

30 June 2016

As Elmhurst highlighted yesterday, DECC have this morning announced the signing of the 5th carbon Budget which is set to reduce emissions 57% by 2032 on 1990 levels. As Elmhurst has long campaigned for, we must ensure that ‘Energy Efficiency’ is put at the heart of policies to steer us towards this new long term goal. UK buildings still significantly contribute to our carbon emissions; and the focus needs to now shift from solely ‘energy


UK Ministers to approve the world leading carbon emissions target

29 June 2016

Elmhurst is very pleased this morning to see reports suggesting that DECC will approve the new carbon target for the 2030s. The so called ‘5th Carbon Budget’, which was put forward by the Committee on Climate Changes last November, is likely to be agreed  very soon, which is required by the Climate Change Act. This new carbon commitment builds upon previous targets enshrined by the original Kyoto Protocol;  moving the target to a 57% reduction


Breaking news - DECC issue consultation on ECO replacement

29 June 2016

Not to be confused with the consultation issued by OFGEM on Deemed Scores, DECC have now issued a 60 page consultation for "ECO: Help to Heat" the replacement for ECO 2, which will run between April 2018 and March 2020. The consultation period will run for seven weeks from 29th June (today) to 17 August 2016. Elmhurst will study the consultation and provide a summary of the changes as they will impact our Members In the mean


Message to Estate and Letting agents

27 June 2016

Elmhurst Energy issued the following communication to Estate and Letting agents: Despite the outcome of the EU referendum Elmhurst Energy would like to confirm that the legislation for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) remains unchanged. No changes have been made to current legislation and an EPC is still required to ensure legal compliance. Penalties and charges will be applied if: on sale or rent the seller or landlord failed to make a valid EPC available free


Elmhurst Energy reminds MPs: “Energy assessment of buildings is not an EU invention”

24 June 2016

Elmhurst Energy, the energy performance assessment specialist, has announced its disappointment with the outcome of the European Union (EU) referendum. “We believe that the EU has been good for energy efficiency, but it is obvious that issues of the economy and immigration had a greater impact on the outcome,” explains Martyn Reed, Managing Director for Elmhurst Energy. “We urge MPs not to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’ and instead give careful consideration


EU Referendum- Its Impact on Energy Efficiency

22 June 2016

Stuart Fairlie, Head of Technical explains why Elmhurst Energy won’t be sitting on the fence when it comes to tomorrows EU referendum. At the time of going to press, energy efficiency has not been discussed in any referendum debates. Of course, it’s unlikely to be – when is energy efficiency ever debated at the national level? However, Elmhurst Energy believes that the European Union has done well in raising awareness and giving member state governments an opportunity


Smart Auditing Trial extended by Three months

21 June 2016

DCLG have today confirmed to all Schemes that the Smart Audit trial is to be extended by three months (see letter from DCLG). So it will now be allowed to be undertaken over a six month period. Elmhurst is pleased with this sensible decision as it allows the process to be more effectively trialled in the real world. DCLG currently have a consultation out for the Scheme Operating Requirements (SORs) and one of the questions is


Proposal to drop RdSAP from ECO – the time to respond draws near

14 June 2016

As reported to Elmhurst members in May 2016, OFGEM have issued a consultation document proposing "deemed scores" as a replacement to RdSAP as the method of calculating carbon saving and subsidy for ECO. The closing date for feedback is the 8th July and Elmhurst encourages all members to have their say. You can see an overview of Elmhurst's response here. In essence the new "deemed scores" methodology, if adopted, will; Remove the need for a


Estate Agents fear leaving EU

02 June 2016

A recent Report by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) and Association of Residential Letting Agents highlights the likely impact that the impending EU referendum will have on the property market. The report not only highlights the current uncertainty that the impending EU referendum is having on the property market. It also outlines what the impact is likely to be if the UK votes to remain or exit the EU. The headline figures that UK


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