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Elmhurst host debate with the Midlands Energy Professional

14 November 2016

Elmhurst Energy's Martyn Reed was pleased to be invited to deliver a CPD session to the  Midlands Energy Professional (MEP) association, at their recent Members meeting in Birmingham. A similar, but less formal,  presentation to that given at the IDEA conference focussed on the Elmhurst Manifesto, the 6 point plan that we are asking Government to consider as they design new and amended energy efficiency plans. Elmhurst is campaigning to: Create a clear government strategy


£18m given to councils in England to ‘turbo charge’ home building

11 November 2016

The Housing Minister Gavin Barwell has today announced Government funding of £18m is to be offered to Councils in England, which is hoped to speed up the building of up to 800,000 new homes, specifically targeting new homes on large developments. Local Authorities can bid for a share of what is called the ‘Capacity fund’ to enable them to speed up and tackle issues around planning. The Conservative Government has constantly referred to getting rid


US Presidential Election Result- Impact on Climate Change?

10 November 2016

As we all know by now, Donald Trump has been voted in as the President of the USA. This event takes place just days after the historic Paris agreement officially came into force. It also occurs whilst the world’s environmental groups are meeting at the UN climate talks in Marrakech, Morocco. However, Donald Trump’s victory has thrown the global deal into uncertainty and raised fears that the US will reverse the ambitious environmental course charted


Friday 4th November - a big day for energy efficiency

09 November 2016

The 4th November 2016 may not have seemed a very normal Friday in many respects  but for those of us who work in the energy efficiency sector, it was a landmark day. It was the day on which the Paris Agreement came into force. It is the Paris Agreement, and the Kyoto agreement before it that requires our government, and the governments nearly 220 other countries, to measure the carbon emissions that are emitted from


BEIS issue consultation on next versions of RdSAP and SAP

08 November 2016

Updated: 10/11/16 BEIS have today announced via the BRE that they are going to run consultations on the next versions of RdSAP and SAP.* *please note since writing this news article yesterday, the BRE webpage indicating the BEIS consultation and changes to the methodologies has been removed Elmhurst have been expecting this consultation from BEIS for some time and clearly the BRE site has beaten the consultation site. However we assume that the rest of


An extra £10m to be spent on tackling fuel poverty in Scotland

04 November 2016

Scottish Government yesterday announced that an extra £10 million is to be spent in an attempt to tackle fuel poverty. Ministers were recently criticised after research had indicated that fuel poverty in Scotland had more than doubled since 2003. Now Councils and Housing Associations will be given a share of £9m to enable them to help tenants heat their homes.  £1m will also be made available as an interest free loan to help people make


“Lies, damn lies and statistics!”

02 November 2016

The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have released the latest statistics for Energy Performance of Buildings; it continues a very welcome approach to ‘open data’ and we hope that it makes interesting reading. However as the expression “Lies, damn lies and statistics” goes, everyone may read these figures in different lights. We at Elmhurst have reviewed the quarterly figures for Q3 2016 (1st July to 30th Sept) and present them in a hopefully


Great New Career Opportunities - Energy Technical Consultants

01 November 2016

Elmhurst Energy is a growing organisation and as a result we are seeking to recruit experienced energy assessors who would like to give something back. As a Technical Consultant your role will be vital to help manage the largest EPC accreditation scheme in the UK.  You will draw upon your in depth understanding of the energy assessment industry and your technical skills to provide the best support to Elmhurst members.   So, if you are


Elmhurst speak at IDEA assessor conference

31 October 2016

Elmhurst Energy's Martyn Reed was delighted to be invited to speak at the IDEA conference at the Birmingham City Football Club on Monday 24th October. His presentation focussed on the Elmhurst Manifesto, our 6 point plan that we are asking Government to consider as they design new and amended energy efficient plans. Martyn discussed, with passion, the six points and illustrated the rationale using Government's own data and markets statistics Elmhurst is campaigning to: Create


Elmhurst Energy welcomes the early ratification of UN Paris Climate Deal

26 October 2016

Elmhurst Energy has welcomed the early ratification of the Paris Climate Deal after the European Union, Canada, Nepal and India all formally ratified the deal. The accord is now set to come into force on the 4th November 2016, as 73 nations, accounting for nearly 57% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, are committed to the process, meaning the two key thresholds to the agreement have been met. The United Nations Climate Change Conference held in


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