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ECO: Help to Heat Consultation closes in 7 days

10 August 2016

As previously advised DECC (now BEIS) have issued a 60 page consultation for "ECO: Help to Heat", the replacement for ECO 2, which will run between April 2018 and March 2022, with 2017 being considered a transition year. As our member's will expect we are currently drafting our response to the consultation which we will publish to Members as soon as it is complete. The closing date for the consultation response is Wednesday 17th August and we


Improvements to Elmhurst's Members Area

09 August 2016

Elmhurst Energy has updated its member’s area as part of its ongoing investment to improve the overall member experience. Access Elmhurst is a key tool for all Elmhurst Accredited Assessors, and is used by members to access supporting documents as well as important software.  Feedback from Elmhurst members has driven the site development, with changes made to the general layout, and page tiles to ensure easier navigation. In addition to this, Access Elmhurst has now been optimised for use on mobile and tablet devices


Poverty Costs us £78bn a year

02 August 2016

In a depressing, but unfortunately familiar report, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has claimed that poverty costs the UK £78bn a year. The NHS shoulders the brunt of the costs (£29bn), as those living in poverty are more likely to suffer ill health. The figures also do not include money spent on benefits. The money is made up of various amounts spent on other direct costs including; school initiatives (£10bn), policing & criminal justice system (£9bn),


Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards - Landlords to fund necessary improvement?

01 August 2016

Sunday's national press have leaked what could be the boost that we have been waiting for by suggesting that landlords will be required to fund improvements to achieve Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for domestic properties. From April 2016, The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property)(England and Wales) Regulations 2015 introduced minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) in the residential and commercial private rented sector. The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards dictate that a landlord with an EPC Rating


Elmhurst continue to campaign on your behalf

28 July 2016

As ‘the’ established experts in energy assessment, we are passionate about supporting a sustainable industry for energy assessors alongside energy efficiency product and service providers. Our vision is to create an energy efficient society and we believe that we have a responsibility to ourselves, our members and the community at large to speak up on matters of energy efficiency, to keep this critical issue within the political and business agenda and to maintain the Energy


Spot the Difference?

27 July 2016

Both homes have 3 bedrooms, and a gas bolier  House 1        House 2         Of course both homes are massively different. House 1 has a predicted fuel bill of over £2,500 per year and House 2 is £800 per year however if the consultation on ECO: Help to Heat is to go through as proposed it is assumed that adding loft insulation in both will produce the same level


DCLG state that the EPBD regulations are still law

22 July 2016

Following a request from Elmhurst Energy, The Department for Communities and Local Government has written to confirm that the Government remains steadfast in that nothing changes since the referendum and it is business as usual. The statement goes on to say that; “Until exit negotiations are concluded, the UK remains a full member of the European Union and all the rights and obligations of EU membership remain in force. During this period the Government will


MPs slam Government over Green Deal and ECO

20 July 2016

The Public Accounts Committee report issued today says that failures in Green Deal and ECO schemes put public money at risk and must not be repeated. The take up of the Green Deal has long been discussed and highlighted as an issue in Industry and the Press. Elmhurst picks out a particular timely note within the report: “The Committee also finds the Government lacks the information it needs to measure progress against the objectives of


A week is a long time in Politics

15 July 2016

A massive referendum, a new Prime Minister, MPs resigning, being sacked, and even coming back again; the changes seem to be endless. Yesterday however Elmhurst were pleased to see some decorum of progress in that new ministers were announced for Theresa May’s new Cabinet. Those that most directly affect Elmhurst and our members are outlined below. The main change has involved the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) which has been merged with the Business Department.


Fuel Poverty on the Rise

07 July 2016

Elmhurst is disappointed that the latest statistics from DECC show that: The number of households in fuel poverty has risen from 2.35 to 2.38million. Some households close to the fuel poverty threshold have seen a lower than average increase in disposable income, and therefore, been pushed into fuel poverty. Fuel prices have increased more than energy efficiency gains, leaving households with higher energy costs. The report states that: In 2014, 6.8% of fuel poor households


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