Scotland's Low Carbon Skills Fund Reopens

Skills Development Scotland has recently made a big announcement regarding the reopening of its Low Carbon Skills Fund (LCSF). The aim of the LCSF is to enable employers to access sector specific training to help adopt processes involved with carbon reduction and energy efficiency.

But why is this good news for small to medium sized Scottish businesses?

 The reopening of the LCSF spells large cost savings for Scottish businesses with a relatively small to medium sized employee base (under 100 employees), as they have the opportunity to apply for up to £12,500 worth of funding towards training costs. Further to this the LCSF has also made a pledge to refund 60% of employee training costs, up to a maximum of £1000 per employee.

Skills Development Scotland hopes that the fund will provide the necessary financial contribution to improve business sustainability and growth, by providing an opportunity for businesses who meet the criteria to “invest in learning and development of staff”.

 Eligible training includes:

•Renewable energy, low carbon technologies and micro generation
•Energy efficiency, environmental and clean technologies
•Waste management and re-use
•Reducing carbon in supply and energy management.

Further details of LCSF an be found here

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