New Energy Related Products Directive

A new European Union Directive came into force on 26th September 2015 which aims to set a minimum standard for heating and hot water systems.  The directive is designed to achieve the EU target of reducing energy usage by  20% by 2020.  The directive requires heating appliances with a capacity of up to 400 kW to meet requirements relating to energy consumption, efficiencies and carbon emissions. 

This legislation does not impact on Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) directly, but in brief means that for gas boilers an integrated low-energy pump will be mandatory and non-condensing boilers will no longer be available for purchase.  Installers will need to calculate each system’s efficiency, based on the component parts taking into account the boiler, controls, and heat pump (etc). In this way, installers will be responsible for providing efficiency labels for the complete heating system, not just the boiler in isolation.  Those water heating products which achieved very low rates, and had previously been rated in bands F or G will not be permitted under the new directive. 

Boiler manufacturers will therefore be responsible for providing heating efficiency information at the point of sale to enable the installer to calculate the efficiency of the complete installation.
Enforcement of the scheme will be through product testing, with non-compliance leading to possible legal action and even criminal prosecution.

Manufacturers will only be able to sell compliant products after 26th September 2015 and DEAs will start to see space and water heating products with an energy label such as those familiar to consumers on other white goods, for example dishwasher and washing machines.  Assessors should be aware that with the Product Characteristic Data Base (PCDF) some models, such as the Worcester Greenstar 28 CDi Compact have multiple entries. Formerly, entries were often duplicated to reflect either mains gas or indicate that the model ran on LPG, but now a third listing shows the updated version which can be identified by the initial ErP in the listing (see below).  If the boiler displays a sticker showing ErP compliance, then the updated model can be selected from the PCDF.  Assessors should ensure that clear photographic evidence is gathered at the time of the survey for model identification during the QA compliance process.

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