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The recent announcement from DECC, withdrawing further funding to the Green Deal Finance Company came as a great disappointment to all involved in the industry. Elmhurst’s response has been posted on our web site (click here) which was also included in our July Headlines email  We are aware from calls received that there is still a great deal of uncertainty among our members and we list below some of the questions we have received together with responses which we hope clarify some of the issues.

Q. Has Green Deal been scrapped?

A. No. Only assessments where customers were hoping to apply for a Green Deal Plan are affected. As a result of the DECC announcement the Green Deal Finance Company has advised that it will not be accepting any new applications for Green Deal Plans. Existing plans and approved applications are unaffected. Historically GDAR production for this purpose only represents approximately 2% of the total number of reports produced.


Q. Can I still produce Green Deal Advice Reports?

A. Yes. The Green Deal Advice Report still provides householders with an impartial, bespoke report about the energy efficiency of their home. It also gives the opportunity to discuss ways of improving energy efficiency and likely financial savings with a trained advisor. Additionally, a GDAR is still required to support RHI applications and is also an option for projects funded by ECO schemes.


Q. How does the announcement affect my status as a GDAO/GDA?

A. The announcement makes no change to your status.


Q. Do I still need to submit any outstanding Green Deal audits?

A. Any audit requests should still be submitted in the normal way. It is a requirement of the Green Deal Specification and important that reports, that have already been issued to your customers, are verified by the audit process.


Q. I’m only producing GDARs for ECO contracts/RHI claims, can I reduce the amount of data I collect or limit my discussion with the householder?

A. The Specification for Organisations and the Green Deal Code of Practice lay down the procedure for delivering a compliant report. There is no provision to offer a reduced service whatever the reason for commissioning the report. Once issued, GDARs can be used for any related purpose so it is important that the information they contain is accurate and that appropriate advice has been given.


Q. What will happen to Green Deal long term?

A. No specific statements have been made about the long term future of Green Deal. DECC have stated in their announcement that “The Government will work with the building industry and consumer groups on a new value-for-money approach”. There is no indication whether this will be under the Green Deal banner but we will keep you informed of any developments. We will also continue to lobby Government to retain and develop the skills that have been demonstrated by our Green Deal members.


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