DEC consultation - No news is good news?

As previously reported, Elmhurst Energy threw all its energy into responding to the DEC Consultation, we could see no sense in what DCLG were proposing, it would save very little money, it would undermine current and future energy saving commitments and it was, in our view, contrary to an express requirement of the EPBD EU Directive. We of course responded directly to the DCLG but we also wrote to members and lobbied both National and European Members of Parliament requesting their support.

The consultation period closed on 11th March and as of today (31st March) the DCLG website still says that "We are analyzing your feedback" which we believe is good news because, as of Monday, the Government enter "purdah" during which time civil servants are prohibited from issuing any " publicity on matters which are politically controversial", because of the effect they may have on voters.
We believe and hope that this means that in the unlikely event the DEC consultation were to go against DECs then this decision would probably have to wait until after the election, and by that time we could have a Government of a different colour, a new minister, or both.

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