The new look Green Deal Advice Report

The new look Green Deal Advice Report

Earlier this year, The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) implemented changes to the Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR). These changes were made following feedback from consumers and Green Deal Stakeholders since the launch of the Green Deal last year.

The changes were designed to make the Report easier to understand and also introduce more information about related policies that Green Deal customers might be interested in pursuing. The changes only relate to the presentation of the GDAR when retrieved from the Green Deal Register - the software and calculation processes were unchanged.

The new GDAR went ’live’ at the end of June in England and Wales and in July in Scotland.

Summary of the key changes

The document has been completely reformatted to clearly show what recommended measures save upfront. The front page also now includes illustrative calculations about other policies which apply for certain measures and which generate a revenue stream for consumers e.g. RHI and FITs. An illustrative Finance calculation has been included which estimates the maximum value of a potential Finance Plan which could be taken out against the first year savings estimate. Further text about applicable policies is now triggered when these measures are recommended, and this new text provides more information to consumers to enable them to pursue these policies. 

To make the document clearer the following has been removed:

  • Illustrative cost ranges for measures from page 1
  • Generic energy saving recommendations
  • A previous section which displayed recommendations taken from the underlying EPC.


The full EPC no longer forms part of the GDAR document itself (but is still provided separately). Full details about the Green Deal Advisor that undertook the assessment and their Certification Body are displayed on the back page.

What has not changed

The GDAR still shows actual and typical energy use figures, and applies In-Use-Factors in the same way as the old GDAR.  

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