Elmhurst Gains Full Approval for 9.92

Elmhurst Energy is now approved for all of the software elements earmarked for roll out as part of the planned 9.92 Autumn update, including RdSAP, ECO, and Green Deal OA and the new GDIP tool.  This includes approval from BRE, DECC, Landmark and EST.

The industry is set to switch to the new software on 7th December following a long programme of activity to develop the software and communication on the changes and new conventions for energy assessors and green deal advisors. Elmhurst Energy has invested in a successful plan for implementing the new software with our RdSAP 9.92 product being approved back in September. We are delighted to be the first to gain approval for the full set of tools, with news of DECC’s approval for our GDIP tool. We have a busy schedule of communications and training events which have been running since August, helping energy assessors to be informed and get ready for these changes. We’re also making plans to offer the most appropriate technical support to our members who will be getting to grips with the new processes over the coming weeks. 

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