Elmhurst Release RdSAP GO!

Elmhurst Energy is pleased to announce the release of RdSAP GO! User-friendly and accessible both online and offline, our RdSAP GO software allows Elmhurst DEAs to produce EPCs and EPRs on-site whilst incorporating the same ease of functionality as Elmhurst’s online RdSAP software.

The software, released yesterday, is available to all Elmhurst Certified DEAs free of charge and will enable assessors to enter survey data and instantly calculate results remotely, even when an internet connection is not available.

Unusually for a software solution, RdSAP GO is available for use on Android, Windows and iOS devices and works both offline and online. In addition to the expert technical support and competitive pricing enjoyed by all Elmhurst members, RdSAP GO will also provide users with the following benefits:

  • On site data entry, saving time and allowing errors to be identified and rectified immediately
  • Instant calculations, allowing recommendations to be viewed whilst at the property
  • Offline functionality which allows survey data entry without an internet connection
  • Produce EPCs and EPRs on-site (NB - internet connection required to lodge EPCs and submit EPRs)
  • Automated link directly between RdSAP GO and Elmhurst’s unique members area, Access Elmhurst.

In addition to RdSAP GO, Elmhurst Energy is also developing two additional software offerings, Green Deal GO and ECO. Green Deal GO has been developed using the same methodology as Elmhurst’s Green Deal Software, and will allow Green Deal Advisors to produce reports remotely using mobile devices. The new ECO application is an online tool which will allow all Elmhurst Members to easily calculate the CO2 and cost savings required to produce an ECO report.

As always, you can find out more about any of our software, training or certification offerings by emailing us, or calling on 01455 883 250. You can also read about RdSAP and RdSAP GO here.

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