Start your journey as an energy assessor

If you are looking to become an energy assessor then we can help you to access the skills and training you need to begin providing energy assessments to expand your existing profession or build a brand new career.

About Energy Assessors

There are approximately 15,000 energy assessors working across the UK. Usually, an energy assessor will specialise in providing energy assessments for a particular type of building which could include:

All energy assessors must follow a standardised procedure when carrying out their energy assessments. Elmhurst provide the relevant training, accreditation, government-approved software, and support team to allow their assessors to conduct EPCs successfully.

Benefits of being an Energy Assessor

There is no prior experience needed to become an energy assessor, and assessors can become qualified in as many strands as they want, further increasing their earning potential. Additionally:

  • Can be employed by organisations or work for themselves
  • Self-employed energy assessors enjoy the flexibility the work provides
  • Supplement your existing income, or build a completely new business
  • Work can be completed at your leisure, as long as there is daylight
  • Existing property professionals can expand their existing skill set to include the provision of energy assessments

What to expect from your accreditation body?

We work with our members to:

  • Ensure you have the appropriate knowledge and qualifications to do the job
  • Provide ongoing training opportunities
  • Build and develop government-approved software for members to use
  • Provide free support for members using our software
  • Provide manuals and technical bulletins to clarify processes and conventions
  • Manage regular DBS checks
  • Manage random sample audits of our members' work
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