Mortgage Lending and the EPC

Elmhurst Energy welcomes a new initiative to investigate the economic impact of efficient homes. The UK Green Building Council is today launching a project which aims to research the link between energy costs, affordability and mortgage borrowing. The project will involve a combination of respected industry and educational establishments.

As many of our older customers will know, Elmhurst Energy started life over 20 years ago, providing a system by which ‘Home Energy Reports’ could be created by the nation's Chartered Surveyors. They could collect energy data whilst undertaking either home buyers' surveys or mortgage valuations, inputting the data into the Elmhurst Energy Software and creating the Energy Report.

The link between affordability, lending and mortgage was made back then. The Home Energy Reports (based on SAP) indicated potential fuel bills and a list of improvement measures for home owners e.g. loft insulation, cavity wall, boilers, controls, hot water cylinder insulation, which was given to home owners with the surveying product. This initiative was Industry led; it was new and novel and existed from the mid 1990s to 2007. 

In fact the new look Energy Performance Certificate and RdSAP Calculation methodology, created in 2007, used this original concept as its base and Elmhurst Energy was directly involved in its development. We very much look forward to bringing this very simple connection back and getting consumers and Industry to value the EPC and make good decisions for the benefit of us all.

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